Won’t somebody think of the children? In an effort to escape the doom and gloom of everyday life in 2020, a rising number of teens are taking to Tik Tok to capture and share their newfound desire to live an idyllic life in the countryside.

With a yearning for the past mixed with a hefty dose of faerie and fae mythology, Cottagecore (the second cousin to ‘grandmacore’ it seems) pulls on the most nostalgic of heartstrings and romanticises a country life so innocent even Snow White would be happy to call it home.

Think birdsongs, walks in the woods, floral dresses, cute cardigans and the sweet smell of homemade delights.

The calming and wholesome aesthetic of Cottagecore, with its pink-hued and faded imagery, has been growing on platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr for quite some time, but with the help of Taylor Swift’s new album, Folklore, the movement seems to have taken off in a major way.

Yep, the kids are so disenchanted they’re filming themselves softly touching moss-covered rocks and sharing it on social media’s busiest platform (that an aesthetic which existed prior to the emergence of technology, and is based on an absence of technology, has flourished on social media is in itself an entirely separate issue worthy of a deep dive).

In a time when reality feels all too much, the world has seemingly become obsessed with everything fae and magical. Here’s a break down on how to inject a little countryside-style escapism into your life (even if you’re stuck in the city).

Embrace Mother Nature

In order to revel in the magic of the great outdoors and stumble upon the simple splendour of a garden rose (or even a garden gnome), you’ll need to get up, get out and start walking.

Hikes and adventures are a huge part of Cottagecore because it’s all about getting back to basics and the beauty of Mother Nature. Along your walk you might even consider collecting some leaves, flowers or even lavender to take back home and use as decoration.


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Press mute

Cottagecore isn’t just about muting your tech life and stepping away from the screen, it’s about embracing muted and natural colours within your décor scheme.

By keeping the aesthetic subtle and toned down (light shades of green, blue or pink should do the trick) you’ll be able to create that country feel without too much effort.

Because Cottagecore is all about making the most of nature, embracing wooden features throughout your space is a must. Tables, chairs, benches and even accessories like coat stands will help you embrace the right look. Think cosy, warm and inviting.


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Green thumb

From muted colours to colour explosions – when it comes to your yard, Cottagecore requires the use of all the colours you were forced to ignore indoors.

To help get you there, consider starting with a small patch of flowers that you can eventually expand upon. Anything with pops of bright colours will work, such as poppies, roses or daffodils.


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