Meeting you where you're at.

The journey.

2011 Meghan and Dominic Loneragan launch A street style website, capturing Sydney locals on their way to work. This expands into an ‘At Home’ series, photographing and sharing the stories of creatives living around Sydney & the world.   Citizens of the World is runner up in the Blogster Awards (powered by Intel).   Citizens of the World candles are born.   2012 @citizensoftheworld joins Instagram.   2013 Citizens of the World wins an honoree award by The Webbys run by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (commonly referred to as ‘the Oscars of the Internet’). transitions to, focused on travel, reflecting the journeys and adventures of founders Meghan and Dominic.   Citizens of the World candles are retired.   2014 Meghan and Dominic win another honoree Webby award for Citizens of the World.   2016 Meghan and Dominic drive across California in a 1970s GMC camper.   2018 Citizens of the World listed as #25 on the ‘My Deal Top 50 Influencers in Australia’ list.   2019 Meghan and Dominic launch their first #COTWRefugeeDrive — a collection of essential items for newly arrived refugee families, all powered by the @citizensoftheworld followers.    2020 The world completely changes.    Citizens of the World re-launches with — Meeting you where you’re at It’s about reflecting where the world is and the people who inhabit it are at, right now.  

So here you are. Life is changing.  You’re asking yourself big questions and finding joy in smaller things. You’re learning luxury means more than expense but you’re human after all. Your world feels smaller than ever but its issues feel larger than life.  You want to escape.  You want to be home.  You want to see friends.  You want to be alone.  You’re part of the world.  You’re your own person. You’re not perfect.  You’re perfect as you are.

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