COTW covers the wild vs mild of travel & family

Humans are multifaceted and sometimes you might need the tonic of wildness, other times you might just want to lay in a hotel bathtub and forget reality for an hour, COTW covers both.

We call it ‘wild vs mild’.

Dominic Loneragan

Mud, sweat and beers; Dominic is a nature hunter through and through and isn't afraid to get a little dirty to get the shot.

A professional photographer with over 10 years experience, Dominic has shot imagery for some of Australia's biggest brands and magazines both locally and across the globe.

Meghan Loneragan

Hotels, bathrobes, mini-shampoo; hotel stays are like cubby houses for adults and Meghan has spent the majority of her career penning stories that delve deep into what separates a hotel from a hovel.

Writer for over 10 years and former online editor at one of Australia's best-loved travel magazines, Meghan also regularly contributes to multiple major magazines and websites.


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