Father’s Day is coming up. Sunday September 6 to be exact. Take a minute to put it into your iCal. I’ll wait.

Don’t have a gift yet? Forget sleuthing through Amazon’s top sales, or trawling the endless scroll of ASOS.

We’ve done all that for you!

(You’re already here, anyway. Might as well keep reading.)

From bizarrely-shaped key rings to dependable canvas wallets, we’ve curated items with nothing but mid-year cheer for daddy dear in mind.

We’re aiming for chuckles. We’re aiming for “aww, you shouldn’t have,” smiles. We want your dad’s mouth to quirk into a little amused grin when they tear off the final scraps of wrapping paper.

And we’re fairly certain the items we’ve listed here will achieve either three.

1. Grown Alchemist Shaving Gel

Look, we get it. There’s something liberating about getting up and going through the day without having to look like a functional human being.

Quarantine has its ups and downs, and we’d argue that one of the best ups is that you can now get away with 24/7 bedhead and cozy, coffee-stained shirts.

But personal hygiene is still very much a thing (shocking!), and staying at home all day isn’t a free pass to completely disregard shaving.
This shaving gel from Grown Alchemist can be either (1) a gentle reminder that only very few men can pull off the lumbersexual look, or (2) a subtle yet clear declaration that you do not approve of prehistoric beauty trends.

It smells like sandalwood, sage, and good life decisions.

The description on the official website will tell you that it’s “formulated to soften and lift” hair follicles in order to provide “maximum glide” for a “close and comfortable shave,” but we feel it’s worth reiterating here.

Dads deserve all the wonderful things in life, and luxurious shaving gel that protects their faces from skin irritation and razor burn is one of them.

2. nonnative Dweller Striped COOLMAX Socks

Cosy feet are happy feet, and happy feet are found wrapped in COOLMAX® fabric from nonnative’s Dweller range. This is a fact.

Aside from the stylishly sporty two-stripe design, these socks also boast some pretty cool moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating technology. They’re simultaneously light like wispy, airy clouds and warm like Christmas sweater hugs.

Socks always have been and always will be a safe gift, and we’re pretty sure there isn’t a soul alive that doesn’t appreciate a good pair of socks.

They’re machine-washable, too.

3. ASOS DESIGN Canvas Backpack

This lightly-textured black canvas bag is the perfect gift for on-the-go dads … and dads who like to bring work with them wherever they go.

It’s got two adjustable straps (because two is always better than one, apparently), a sneakily convenient laptop compartment, and twin handles on the top with press-stud fastening – for when you just can’t be bothered to shrug on a backpack.

Even better, this bag is from ASOS DESIGN, so you know it’s trendy. Their catchphrase is, “created by us, styled by you.” And while we don’t actually think your dad styled this particular bag, the sentiment is pretty cool, regardless.

Point of the fact is that very few gifts can compare with a nice, sturdy, cotton-polyester blend backpack.

4. Veja V-10 CWL Sneakers

Faux leather, cushioned collar and insole, and a cool designer brand that stands for fair pay and good working conditions? What’s not to love about these tastefully stylish statement sneakers?
Aside from the sleek, minimalist design—which also makes it easy to pair with literally any outfit; trust us—these shoes were made by Veja; a brand that supports citizens’ reintegration into society through work and sustainable practices.

Nothing cooler than sporting a brand that cares.

The shoes themselves run in sizes 40 to 46 (European sizing, btw), so your dad’s size should definitely be in there. A lot of the reviews do mention that they seem to run half a size larger, so a bit of mathematics might be needed.

5. ASOS DESIGN 2 Pack Fisherman Beanie

Another item from ASOS DESIGN. What can we say? We’re a sucker for a good price point.

Available in two colours (tobacco and black), we feel the pictures on the website say enough about the product.

They’re thick, well-knitted, and surprisingly fetching with almost any hairstyle. And you get two for the price of $17, which is a pretty good deal, all things considered.

We know beanies aren’t really a one-size-suits-all fashion choice. They’re not exactly clothing staples like socks or underwear. But if your dad loves beanies—or even just wears the occasional one—this gift is a sensible choice.

6. Herschel Supply Co Johnny Wallet

Nothing says ‘I wish you prosperity’ louder than a snazzy wallet.

(We’re not a hundred per cent sure about that, but you get the point).

This canvas wallet from Herschel Supply Co features their signature striped lining and a branded patch that proudly tells people your dad only goes for quality. Durable, practical, and ‘tougher than it looks’ (according to the product description), it’s a perfect choice for dads whose items are prone to wear-and-tear.

7. Le Specs Cubanos Sunglasses

Hopelessly chic sunglasses, for the rare times your dad does get to leave the house. These Cubanos shades from Le Specs feature polarized lenses in a round resin frame.
And if that impressive blend of adjectives didn’t sell you, maybe the colour might: milky tort/khaki mono. So much more exciting than just solid mattes or neutral ombres.

Get this for the effortlessly cool dads who somehow manage to work whatever they wear.

Fun fact about the designer: Le Specs is well-known for their distinctive European style. Despite their relaunch in 2006, their icon status in the mid-1980s has pretty much kept their cult following and industry presence alive.

8. Craighill Helix Key Ring

Dad always forgetting his keys? Let this unique helix-shaped key ring speak louder than any clunky (and hopelessly tacky) whistle key finder ever will.

A brass, one-of-a-kind number from Craighill, this keyring is literally the definition of fashionable and functional. The clever helix shape works together with the branded screw-off end caps to keep your keys locked and in place. Attach to belt loops, bag straps, or other key rings for a truly secure setup.

Bonus feature: it makes for a great conversation starter. Quirky, oddly-shaped pieces always make great conversation starters.

9. Native Union Leather AirPods Case

“Native Union’s case is an ideal gift for those who rarely leave the house without their AirPods in tow.” They said it, not us.
But really; if your dad is a huge, huge fan of wirelessly listening to music, why not let him flaunt that in style? Made with rich Italian leather in a fetching tan colour, the whole thing just screams quality craftsmanship and an understated need for organization.

“A place for everything and everything in its place,” as they always say, and your dad’s AirPods definitely have a place in this classic, compact case.

You also don’t have to worry about wear-and-tear, because Italian leather apparently ages like fine wine.

10. Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Serum

Men can—and should—care about their skin, too. Whether your dad has a skincare regimen or you want him to start one, Dr. Barbara Sturm has got you covered. This 30mL bottle’s packed with enough anti-aging ingredients and short-chain Hyaluronic molecules to turn back the clock (on your dad’s face, anyway).

The website has the full list of ingredients and the product description will tell you all you need to know about how moisturizing and rejuvenating the serum is, so we won’t bother parroting that here. What we will do is reiterate how important personal hygiene is.

We’ll also strongly encourage you to get a gift that reminds dad that he deserves some self-care and pampering, too.

Well, that’s it from us. Hope you found this list even just the slightest bit helpful. Quarantine’s been getting to all of us, so now might be the best time to splurge on something a little extra for your loved ones. After all, the giddy smiles are well worth the extra bucks.


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