On top of everything else that would’ve seemed strange to list off a year ago (here’s looking at you ‘Best Breathable Face Masks For Running & Jogging’), a ‘Top Hand Sanitisers’ list definitely feels out there.

But here we all are, frantically washing our hands, masking up (please wear a mask) and trying to do it all in style. Yes, that was meant to be sardonic.

Being concerned with anything overly aesthetic does feel a little off this year but that won’t stop us all from finding new ways (any which way!) to flex. Again, being ¾’s serious here.

We suppose it’s a weird time. We’re all emotional. And thus, emotional purchases are going to get made (yes, looking at you Skims Cozy Collection). But if a purchase can be justified and spending a little extra on something luxe-y helps you feel good (and safe) then all the more to you.

So with that, we give you our top 5 hand sanitisers. They’ll not only help you look tidy while cleaning up throughout the day but turns out there might be more to the story than just nice branding…

ThankYou Antibacterial Lemon & Lime Hand Sanitiser

Who doesn’t love a little recognition? Not us! We would happily, and literally DO, bathe in ThankYou’s body wash of endless appreciation on a daily basis. But it turns out there’s a lot more to this brand’s back-end than copious praise for our attention.

With ThankYou you’re not only protecting yourself and your loved ones with every squirt but every dollar you give to this company is divided between initiatives that help end global poverty.
Don’t know about you but in a time when we all feel more than a little helpless, we’re happy to wash our hands for the cause.

Sure, there’s some poetic irony there around ‘washing hands’ of global poverty but we’re not even going to explore it. The point is, ThankYou provides an avenue to help that many others don’t.

So really we should be thanking them rather than the other way around. We see what they did there.


Grown Alchemist Hydra-Gel Hand Sanitiser

Let’s make a pact right here right now. Take a deep breath and repeat after me: ‘I commit to 70% alcohol on my hands and NOT in my liver.’

We’re all deep in the second half of 2020 and as much as we’d like to wallow in a drunken haze avoiding the harsh realities of our new normal, it’s time to sober up (at least a little), lather up and approach life without fear—with Grown Alchemist Hydra Gel as your sidekick.

The Garth Algar to your Wayne Campbell. The Spock to your Kirk. Anthony Fauci to the New York Times.

Whatever you want to call it, the cane sugar extracted Ethyl Alcohol in this bottle is your new bff and it doesn’t hurt that it contains a healthy dose of Hyaluronan and antioxidants to safeguard your paws from the ravages of premature aging. Who says you can’t fight time while fending off germs? Not Grown Alchemist.


Margaret Dabbs London Hand Sanitiser

The fact we have to buy this product in British pounds already makes it slightly more swish than the rest but rest-assured Margaret Dabbs doesn’t dabble in fugazi-style finger-cleaner.

Yes, you might be looking at dropping approximately $AUD20 for sanitizer but you’re also scoring extra Hempseed Oil and White Water Lily enrichment with your daily disinfectant. Over time this kind of TLC is going to pay dividends on your overall hand aesthetics. Which is great, because, again, you’re dropping double-figures for this stuff—such is the great circle of economics.

With 65% alcohol, it packs a little less of a punch than others but what it might lack in high spirits it definitely makes up for in fresh Mandarin and Geranium scents.


Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Here we edge closer to the holy grail of flex-worthy hand gel. Aesop already owns prime real estate on the water basins of the most au fait fashionistas so it makes sense that this house of luxury suds would lend its skills to sanitisers. It’s not all for show though, Aesop not only packs germ-fighting power but multi-multi-layered fragrance. We’re talking base notes, high notes, low notes, a veritable perfume of citrus, woods, herbs, cedar, mandarin and rosemary doused on your mitts with every squirt.

Also doesn’t hurt that they serve it all up in a 99.7% recycled PET bottle.


Byredo Rose Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Byredo is so baller at this gig that they’ve released not just one single sanitiser but 4 unique fragranced tubes of hand sanitising splendour. Choose from the bergamot, lily of the valley bliss of ‘Suede’, or the pink pepper and magnolia magnificence of ‘Rose’. Or maybe you’re more of a tulip and freesia fan? You’ll love ‘Tulipmania’. Or perhaps you’re a down-to-earth soul, looking for a dose of jasmine and angelica seed realness from ‘Vetyver’. Either way, you’re coming out smelling damn fine after every trip to the bathroom.

We should flag here that there’s only a 30% alcohol concentration in this product so we wouldn’t go betting your life on it. Use in delicately scented hand-cleaning emergencies.

For the rest of the time? There’s good ol’ soap and water. Hold tight for our list super soaps because we’re already down this weird article rabbit-hole, we might as well go all-in.


Shop these and more of our favourite hand sanitisers below


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