Imagine your ultimate Negroni.

Now triple it. Stir in some covert thriller vibes. Then add a little S&M latex. Splash in some seriously hot Hollywood talent and you might come close to the insane levels of intrigue stirred up in Campari’s short The Legend Of The Red Hand.

A feast for travel lovers and film geeks alike, the film is directed by directed by the acclaimed Italian Stefano Sollima (Sicario 2) and introduces Guardians of the Galaxy actress (and living goddess) Zoe Saldana as she explores the mysterious alleys and luxe hotels of Milan.

It just so happens Milan is the birthplace of Campari and, as it turns out, where all the sexiest underground invite-only parties are thrown.

It sees Saldana swan her way into an ultra-exclusive event in the hopes of photographing ‘The Red Hands’, a secret collective of bartenders who can apparently blend the best negronis outside of Darlinghurst on a Friday night.

“Playing Mia Parc in The Legend Of The Red Hand was a fantastic experience” said Saldana. “Being part of a campaign for a brand with such rich iconic heritage is always such a pleasure, particularly with a partner such as Campari who recognise that behind a great cocktail there is a great bartender.”

It then follows Saldana as she jets across the globe to New York, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Berlin and London in the ultimate search for the best hands in the mixology business.

But this isn’t some Anthony Bourdain-style sip, talk and leave Travel Channel nonsense; this is blockbuster branded content and we don’t blame you if you finish it feeling a little thirsty.


Meg & Dom

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