Forget Beyonce, it’s all about remembering you have exactly the same hours in the day as Roxy Jacenko.

The businesswoman, PR powerhouse, style-maven, mother and, most recently, fitness inspiration for thousands of women; Roxy Jacenko doesn’t do things by halves

And it shows.

For years we’ve followed her story, from her battle with breast cancer to her daily workouts, all while juggling 2 kids and a multi-million dollar business. It’s inspirational to say the least.

Here, she shares a little of what it takes to stay on top of it all and how sometimes the greatest good can come from life’s biggest challenges.


First things first, you look amazing but we know through social media that there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes to get to this point…

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2016 Health and Fitness became something that couldn’t be put on the back-burner.

I was on my own with two children (Pixie 6, Hunter 3) and my husband had been sent to jail.

I needed to beat cancer and care for my kids so it meant fixing up my lifestyle and food and fitness were part of this.


What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced as you’ve shifted your focus into healthy living?

I didn’t do it specifically to lose weight, it was to strengthen my bones while I was having daily radiation for a period of (6) weeks, as well as to try and get as many nutrients into my body to help me beat the cancer.


Okay let’s talk logistics. How do you incorporate a workout into your family and break-neck work schedule?

The kids are at school it means I can do an 8am gym session 3 times a week and still get to work by 9am as my gym is just by my office. You need to make time for health and fitness, without it you will be no good to your family or your work – I learned that very fast!


What about go-to exercises?

I do resistance training only – I really dislike cardio and avoid it at all costs! It’s all about weights and TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) for me. I am all about toning not losing weight.

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Can you share a little bit of what your day on a plate might look like?

It’s all about Green Juices, healthy salads, grilled chicken and sushi. Being summer I love mangoes and year round I eat about 6 passionfruits a day instead of snacking on chocolates/sweets.


How do you like to indulge when you feel the urge for comfort food?

I don’t have sweets in the house other than ones for the kids which I don’t really like so I don’t get tempted. If I am out for a meal with friends I will always enjoy some dessert but I most definitely stop before I finish it (then one doesn’t feel so guilty).

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How do you incorporate this lifestyle into your family life with Pixie and Hunter? Have their diets changed as yours have?

Pixie and Hunter have regular visits by Paediatric Nutritionist, Mandy Sacher who just released a book called Wholesome Child: A Complete Nutrition Guide and Cookbook. Mandy has an integral part of the kids eating a balanced diet — who knew you could hide vegetables in spaghetti Bolognese?!


Can you share a quick and easy salad recipe you make at home?

I am lousy in the kitchen and find by the time you buy all the ingredients it would have been quicker to visit a store to purchase which is why I came up with my range of Clean and Lean Salads for Chargrill Charlies stores.

The range of 3 Salads are all filling and nutrient rich, add a piece of grilled chicken and you have the perfect lunch or dinner.


You can follow Roxy’s journey on Instagram at @roxyjacenko and find out more about her salad range at Char Grill Charlies at @chargrillcharlies

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