Sally Fitzgibbons, A.K.A Australian pro-surfer and embodiment of everyone’s ultimate fitness goals, has taken her ambassadorship with Novotel Hotels to the next level creating a wellness offering designed specifically for kids.

Teaming up with the talents of Rachel Coopes (which parents will recognised from the ABC TV show that raised us all—‘Play School’) The program includes 2 in-room active play and child-friendly yoga lessons, including ‘The Wonderful World Of Shapes’ and the ultra-parent-friendly wind-down session called ‘Baby Bunny Won’t Go To Bed’.

This compliments the totally updated kids menu designed in collaboration with Fitzgibbons, offering kids healthy and delicious options, including spaghetti bolognese packed full of hidden vegetables, fruit smoothies and tasty desserts incorporated berries and yogurt.

“As a professional athlete I’ve had to master the art of staying healthy when travelling. The health of our little ones is paramount and trips are so often about new activities and trying new foods. Through these new in-room programs and kids menus the team at Novotel and I want to help teach kids good habits, including exercise and relaxation.”

“Novotel also offer a range of healthy choices for the adults including the healthy menus and in-room workouts that I have worked with them to create,” she said.

The program launches this April, just in time for school holidays.

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