As far as we know, movie-stars and models don’t travel with a team of makeup artists (unless you’re a Kardashian) so how do they manage to always look so flawless even after stepping off a long-haul flight?

We demanded answers and so we turned to Ross Andrewartha, Director of Artistry at YSL Beauty and all-round expert in everything makeup related.

Here he gives us the 411 on how to look fab even when you’re so jet-lagged you want to pass out.

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Interview with Ross Andrewartha, Director of Artistry at YSL Beauty

What sparked your passion for beauty and makeup?

My mum actually used to work in the makeup industry and so does my sister, so I’ve always been surrounded by the culture. But funnily enough my mum told me not to do it and rather focus on my studies, so I studied Fine Art at university.

One day though I went to a shopping centre in the UK and they had a makeup brand there and I went in and asked them for tips for my end of year piece. They must’ve liked me because they offered me a job on the spot because, I confess, back then I used to wear a lot of makeup as an emo kid. Think; a lot of smokey eyes.

And then I was a podium dancer in Ibiza which was an offshoot of my days at dance school, where there was always a lot of makeup incorporated into performances.

After that I came to Australia when I was 19 and the rest is history.


Is there a beauty trend you’re a little tired of seeing now?

It’s really weird because I used to be the global training manager to Illamasqua, which is a brand whose ethos is all about experimentation and self expression through makeup. That way of thinking has always stayed with me.

But if you pushed me personally maybe I’d say ‘Insta-Makeup’ because it’s where I used to be but it’s evolved and I’ve evolved.

But ultimately boys, girls and everyone should just be self expressing. Don’t worry too much about trends.

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