So it happened, Lachie’s first cold.

In normal adult life a sweaty brow and a sniffle is brushed off with a couple of cold and flus while you soldier on like the trooper that we all know you are.

But as a new parent things feel trickier when the person suffering is your baby experiencing all this discomfort for the first time. And by ‘trickier’ I really mean emotionally draining.

What parent hasn’t had one hand on their phone, primed to ring 000 at the first sign of a raised temperature?

Or maybe that’s only us.

Something we think is universal though is that sense of relief when your baby finally finds some comfort and falls asleep.

Both for your sanity and for your child, because sometimes a little shut-eye is truly the best thing when it comes to healing from illness.

The ABSOLUTE last thing you want to do when this happens? Wake them up to take their temperature.

It’s no surprise that 79% of parents avoid measuring their child’s temperature if it means waking them up (research by Colmar Brunton 2015 sponsored by Nurofen).

Enter Nurofen Fever Smart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children ($AUD139.99 from Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and most pharmacies)—A sleeping baby’s best-friend and a bright orange game-changer for parents.

Where we’d normally wake Lachie up while wriggling the thermometer under his armpit, Nurofen have created a wearable patch that transmits a child’s temperature live and directly to your phone via bluetooth technology and a free app where you can monitor your bub without disturbing them.

It takes the stress out even further by automatically notifying you when your baby’s temperature enters high levels (be sure to leave the push notifications on).

With Lachie, we also used the app to also keep track of his medications and readings in case we ever needed to take him to the hospital.

But, let’s get real, it was just a cold that just needed time, sleep and lots of cuddles to help him work it through his system.

Okay, maybe the cuddles were for us as well.

Use only as directed and for more info and disclaimers visit the Nurofen website.

Extra patches are also available individually in a pack of 4 ($AUD9.99).

COTW Partner Post with Nurofen

Feversmart does not replace continuous parental vigilance. When in doubt, always see your healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If you are concerned about your child’s fever see your doctor.

This article is a paid post by Nurofen Australia with product supplied by Nurofen Australia. All non-Nurofen information is the opinion of the author.

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