Lockdown restrictions, they’re like gym clothes. They loosen up. They tighten up. They semi-loosen. If one thing’s certain it’s that nothing is really certain right now (yes, just like our fitness routines).

All the more reason to ensure you’re well-prepped to capitalise on your well-earned time out of the house. After being cooped up, you deserve to get grounded in the great outdoors and you definitely deserve to do it in style. Cue Googling: “The best cabin booking sites in Australia.”

While Airbnb is great and all, there are some sites you might be overlooking. Ones that offer a special curation of properties you just won’t find anywhere else, or offer an entirely unique proposition, just as a side of adventure with your booking.

To get you started on your nature adventures, here are some of the coolest but mostly unheard of cabin booking sites you should peruse—right now— even if you’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future.

We guarantee it’ll relax you just clicking through them all.


If a website could be cozy, convenient, and informative all at once, then Riparide is just that.

As soon as you land you’re greeted with a curation of dare-we-say ‘Insta-worthy’ cabins shot by some of the ‘grams coolest travel photographers. Not only that but each cabin comes with an inspiration guide of what to do in the local area so you don’t even need to plan your escape, you just need to turn up and chill out.


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We feel like Unyoked was *made* for the Citizens of the World reader: A little bit adventurous but also a sucker for a fancy linen sheet. For instance, cabins by Unyoked aren’t located by towns listed on a map, rather they’re found using latitude and longitude and some well-worded mud maps. It’s all about finding them that’s half the fun.


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Upon arrival though—that’s where the cool factor goes up about 10 notches. Unyoked’s ultra-modern tiny houses boast luxe IN BED sheeting, barista-grade coffee beans, Archie Rose cocktails. Ideal for anyone keen to get very lightly lost in the best way possible.


Want to see what happened when we rented an Unyoked cabin? Click here.


Glamping Hub

Like your camping with copious levels of luxury and style? Then Glamping Hub was made for you. Simply set your location and while away the hours trawling through fairytale log cabins, treehouses and tipis. Or, select your style of getaway (‘Mongolian yurt please!’) and Glamping Hub will do all the heavy lifting for you and collate all the best hideaways they have in one easy to peruse place.


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Like Unyoked, CABN specialises in a certain type of getaway. Think more high-end rather than just homey. To the point where you might want to just spend more time standing outside the cabins, admiring their sleek looks rather than tucked away indoors.

Maybe that was their strategy all along? If so, they’ve successfully lured us out into the wilderness to look at something other than our cell phones. Bravo.


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What do you get when you mix sustainable eco-friendly tourism with farmers with acres of unused land? A cluster of some of the cutest off-grid cabins this side of the Southern Hemisphere. With cabins all over Australia, all you need to do is pick your state (only Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria for now), select your favourite cosy abode (we like Christopher) and you’re on your way to phone-reception-free freedom.


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Tiny Away

Are you a total tiny house tragic? Seen every episode of Tiny House Nation on Netflix? Ready to trial small-scale living for yourself? Tiny Away has all your minimalist dreams covered. Think of this site as like the Airbnb of small-abodes, with properties to rent across New South Wales and Victoria. Like Airbnb, each venue has the unique style of their owners, which ensures you’re getting a unique experience each time you book.


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Looking for a little more escapism? Have you BEEN to the Blue Mountains lately? New South Wale’s arty brethren up in Blackheath will gladly welcome you with open arms. Here’s our exact guide to ultimate do-nothing chill for a weekend mountain escape.

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