What did we learn when we tore ourselves away from our technology for a weekend for Country Road? Here’s what…

Lachie wears buffalo check shirt, Meghan wears longline babywool cardigan, crew neck t-shirt, cord mini skirt and lyla boots, Lachie wears buffalo check shirt // Dom wears traceable merino v-neck, regular herringbone shirt, skinny bleach wash jean and brogue boot. All from Country Road.

Parenting Is Actually A Lot Easier

When we look back at ourselves pre-parenthood we remember having long conversations on the kinds of parents we wanted to be. “Five bedtime books a night.”, “piano lessons daily”, “no screens” we would say with adorably ignorant enthusiasm.

Oh how we laugh now because the reality is so very far from the Stepford-parent vision we had planned. We work hard, we juggle just like everyone else, and not going to lie, we have been more than guilty of serving up the iPad in exchange for a little sanity saving.

Lachie seems pretty well-adjusted so far. We’ll report back once we turns into a teen.

But when we got to our cabin we didn’t even need anything to entertain Lachie. Even we were chopped liver to him. Replaced by a paddock of tall grass, long twigs to collect and marshmallows to toast.

He is only 18 months old so every new environment is like a new playground but all we know is he happily played without a thought for the iPad while we prepared the fire and it all felt positively… well, positive.

Lachie wears quilted romper,Meghan wears satin pyjamas on left & fine wool cotton sweater, cord mini skirt and lyla boots. All from Country Road.

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You Find Your Own Fun Pretty Quickly

Instagram is pretty entertaining. Or, it must be because 9 million Australians surely can’t be wrong? Right?

We’re weren’t so sure after a few hours sans the ‘gram. Don’t get is wrong, we love a good scroll as much as anyone but something strange happened after the initial Instagram Story urges died down.

Our communication became a lot more in depth. We started laughing easier. It was like the angst of the work week didn’t really exist as long as our phones were off.

Imagine 2 adults sitting by a fire having marshmallow toasting competitions like they’re back at school camp and you get pretty close to the kinds of not-entirely-intellectual conversations we were having. But it was just kind of pure fun we needed.

We should mention here that we’d had a few Negronis by this stage. The team at Unyoked supply a healthy amount of bespoke pre-mixed cocktails by multi-awarded Sydney distillery Archie Rose.

Meghan wears check wool blend coat, fluffy wool knit sweater, cord mini skirt and lyla boot. // Dominic wears waxy parka and skinny bleach wash jean. All from Country Road.

You WILL Talk About Buying Your Own Cabin

Plans. Lofty, lofty plans. These are the things you make while sitting next to the fire on an Unyoked escape.

You can’t help it. The overall sense of peace, quiet and general freedom from being so removed from reality is addictive. You can’t help but ponder exactly how much a plot of land in the Kangaroo Valley would cost?

Where to custom build an RV or shipping container? How do you even transport a shipping container to your mythical piece of land by a mythical creek, overlooking a carpet of trees shrouded in evening mist?

The answer to all of the above is to simply not even stress about it. Unyoked has enough cabins on hand to ensure you countless weekends away, off grid and away from it all.

The best part is you don’t have to set things up, clean the french linen sheets, bring your own Negroni mix or S’more’s packets. Everything you need for the perfect weekend away is there waiting for you.

For the record there is even a USB charger for your smartphone although we doubt you’ll be compelled to reach for it.

Throw rug from Country Road, Dom wears heritage crew sweat, skinny bleach wash jean, with demm mug. All from Country Road.


Thank you to Country Road and Unyoked for making this post possible.

Meg & Dom

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