We had 3 cameras, a GoPro, a vision… and a baby.

In this episode we show you behind the scenes on our video shoot for Cruise Whitsundays (you can watch it here).

The Whitsundays is one of Australia’s most stunning clusters of pristine tropical islands.

The beaches are long stretches of soft, white sand, the water is turquoise blue. It’s where you go to get those technicolour shots that you just know will SLAY Instagram.

So working with a brand on a shoot up there is like the dream job.

Except, for us… it rained. Every day. It was STILL beyond beautiful though. We just had to get creative.

Rain, hail or shine – we have to get the job done. So here’s a slight snippet into all the moving parts to create one of our ‘Journey Through’ videos now that we have a baby as well.

Meg & Dom

Tags: Australia, Queensland, Whitsundays, Wild Vs Mild

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