The rush! The celebs! The questionable coffee choices!

In our first episode of Wild Vs Mild we tackled the Barrenjoey Lighthouse hike at Sydney’s iconic Palm Beach.

In this episode Dom shows you the glittering behind the scenes life of a Sydney photographer.

Or, more accurately, the late nights, early starts and bland Kirkland coffee that go into getting campaigns and party shots out.

He filmed on set while he shot one of Sydney’s most gorgeous couples, Bachelor winners (do you call them winners if it wasn’t a competition?

They definitely won at finding love we guess. We’re going to call them winners just for fun) Tim Robards and his lady love Anna Heinrich for Pandora jewellery.

Then jetting across town to shoot the city’s high society at the annual Autumn Winter 2018 David Jones Fashion Launch.

All photographers will be able to relate to the rush.

All parents will be able to relate to the lack of sleep.

All coffee connoisseurs will cringe at the giant tub of ‘Superior Roast’ being scooped into the aeropress.

The point is, we have been SUPER busy the past couple of weeks and we really wanted to go and do something outdoorsy but… y’know…. Real life. PS: Shout out to Declan Blackall, our assistant and overall superstar human. We love you Dec


Need to catch up? Watch WILD VS MILD: Episode 1.

Meg & Dom

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