Hate those bag-check lines? Airport security got you down? Economy feeling a little too basic? Well, fear not weary traveller because Crystal Cruises is taking to the sky in 2018 which means first-class flying just got a little more O.T.T.

Ahh, that sweet private jet feeling. We know it well. No, actually we don’t. And neither do most mere mortals.

Still, it’s nice to know that if fortune ever flutters its fickle eyes in our direction we’ve got a super premium private jet experience ready for us to throw our dollars at.

Enter Crystal AirCruises.

After building its legacy on offering some the world’s most lavish ocean experiences at sea, Crystal Cruises unveiled a plan to take luxury to even bigger heights. Or approximately 35,000ft or so.

Their latest endeavour aims to combine the indulgence of private air travel with the excitement of a fully customisable multi-destination adventure.

Originally set to offer “cruises in the sky”, the company quickly changed gears to curated charter flights when they discovered their target demographic rarely had the time to join a preset travel itinerary.

Instead, esteemed travellers will set their own schedule and flight plan, allowing them to tailor the experience to make it their own.

With the introduction of the Crystal Skye, their brand-new Boeing 777, Crystal will offer travellers a sense of unparalleled global discovery in comfort never before seen in the air, starting with the only separate social area, Michelin star-inspired cuisine prepared by an award-winning Executive Chef, a stand-up bar, lounge seating and the highest staff-to-guest ratio available in any private jet experience available today.

The plane will also offer 88 fully convertible lie-flat beds ergonomically designed to offer the finest sleeping experience possible.

And if you ask nicely, they can probably even arrange a mini packet of peanuts as well.


Edie Rodriguez, chief executive of Crystal Cruises, has described their brand-new jet as “the most luxuriously appointed aircraft in the private aircraft industry.”

“Market reception has been phenomenal and not just in the American market, demand comes from all over the world.”

With 14-day tours starting at $US50,000, that’s a seriously niche market segment.

The good news is with the abundance consumers airlines offering ‘bid for Business’ upgrades, the cost of stepping it up has never been more accessible.

In the meantime, there’s always Premium Economy…

Meg & Dom

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