This is a short 20 second P.S.A powered by but trialed and tested by us. Grab your stopwatch and start timing… now.

Talking about bills is never sexy but, honestly, at the most expensive time of the year the most seductive thing someone could whisper in our ears is….‘savings’.

Which is how we ended up on the website this morning, uploading a copy of our latest (and very large)energy bill. The anticipation was high.


What is & Why Are You Talking About It?

This is a service that uses the most advanced technology to read your latest bill, analyse your usage and find you a cheaper service… all in 20 seconds. We tried to think of any other energy website that could guarantee that level of satisfaction in under a minute and we couldn’t.

The beauty of is it’s the gift that keeps on giving, continuing to review your energy plan annually to ensure you’re constantly getting the best rate possible.


What’s The Catch?

So far we haven’t found any. is just advanced technology that analyses the 3,540 energy plan variants currently on offer in Australia and works to find its members customers the best rate to suit their individual needs.

So How Much Did We Save?

$150 annually, with no effort from us apart from uploading a bill. And the switch over between companies is seamless. Plus we have the promise of having those savings constantly reviewed.


‘Guys, This Took Me Longer Than 20 Seconds To Read’, We Hear You Say

So in less time than it took you to read all that you could have money right back in your wallet.

Take the challenge and let us know how you go.





This post was paid for by however all opinions are honest and our own.

Meg & Dom

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