Let’s be real here, we’re all addicted to our phones (No, don’t even try to deny it.)

When we’re watching TV we’re still scrolling through Instagram, then endlessly scrolling through a vortex of TikToks only to look up to realise you’ve spent more hours watching people dance to ‘Savage’ than you’d ever like to admit publically.

We feel uneasy and somehow incomplete if we don’t have your phone with us when we step out of our house. Then, we kind of die inside when we see that we only have 1% battery life left with no plug.

Sure, phones are really great and all, but you have to draw the line at some point.

We’re pretty sure that you know that you should cut back on screen time, too. Luckily, you can fight fire with fire with these really cool apps that could help you take your eyes off that device and connect you back to the real world.

(Available on IOS & Android)

If you can’t put your phone down on your own then maybe the Freedom app can force you to.

From social media apps to addicting games, from emails to the entire Internet, this app can block all with just one click of a button. Perfect for moments when you need to focus on the more important things in life.


(Available on IOS & Android)

ZenScreen is actually the first AI-powered app that can improve your digital diet. And it IS a diet. It’s all about balance.

So, instead of setting alarms to tell you when to stop, ZenScreen will understand your habits and tell you what to do.

Some of their awesome features include Smart Mornings (you can only use your phone for 10 minutes), Calm Nights (you can’t stalk that guy’s Insta before bed), and Quiet Time (basically a timeout from all things digital).

(Available on IOS only)

The best thing about DinnerMode is the simplicity of it. All you need is to set a timer for how long you need to stay away, place it face down on a flat surface, and try to make through without picking up your phone. If you make it to the end you score little encouragements from the app for a job well done. But if you feel like breaking your phone fast then expect the app to give you a little shame when you pick it up.


(Available on IOS & Android)

You’ll realize how much time you spend looking at your screen with Moment. It tracks practically everything you do on your phone—how long you’ve been using it, what apps you’ve been using the most, and even how many times you’ve picked it up.

Luckily, the in-built ‘Coach’ feature can help train your brain to resist the phone’s siren song whenever it pings or vibrates.


(Available on IOS & Android)

Offtime is unique in that it encourages a social element to your phone fasting. You can sync the app across multiple devices and then the app shares how much time you’ve ‘achieved’ (by staying off the phone) with your community.

Nothing like flexing all that free time.



Now that you’ve successfully weaned yourself off endlessly scrolling and you’ve got all this leftover spare time, read our guide to volunteering from the comfort of your own home (perfect for when you’re stuck in quarantine).

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