So, we all have those moments where our feed is missing a little smoothie bowl love. You may have your classic acai in the feed but you need to step it up.

You need something… BOUJEE.

Which is why we present to you the ‘Boujee Instagram Worthy Smoothie Bowl’. It’s extra, it’s over the top, it’s totally unnecessary and we are not apologizing for it.



Pink pitaya and blue spirulina swirled together to make the ultimate mermaid worthy creamy frozen treat topped with granola, tropical fruit and yes that is rockmelon ‘good vibes’.


Now we are not gonna lie our food looks this good 0.0001% of the time


BUT we have been still loving this smoothie for breakfast, snacks or even frozen into paddle pop moulds for a yummy unicorn coloured splice flavoured treat on those hot afternoons.



This is the recipe that nobody asked for but you really needed (even if its just for the gram).

The best thing about this recipe, it’s so simple! But looks so extra! Be sure to invite your friends around for brunch, make this and watch them pull out their phones and take a snap!



Serves 2



4 frozen bananas

2 cups frozen mango

½-1 cup coconut milk


1-2 tsp blue spirulina

1-2 tsp pink pitaya


1 cup Granola

2 Banana

2 Passionfruit

1 punnet of blueberries, raspberries

1 pink Dragon Fruit

1/2 Melon


2 Coconut bowls and spoons

Blender or Food Processor



  1. Add two chopped frozen bananas 1 cup mango and ½ cup of coconut to blender
  2. Blend and tamp
  3. Add spirulina
  4. Blend and set in freezer
  5. Repeat 1-3 with pitaya
  6. Add blue and pink to half bowl each
  7. Swirl through
  8. Top with toppings

Meg & Dom

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