Paleo bars, acoustic jams and sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen.

Jet-setting surfing legend Sally Fitzgibbons doesn’t scrimp on the good stuff when it comes to the travel essentials.

Some people feel like they need to escape their jobs but…

My soul feels at peace when I’m in the ocean.

It sounds crazy to be in the place that can also create pressure and anxiousness at times but that is the beauty of my sport and life’s work it provides both the ultimate challenge and the most calming force in my life.

One of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had was at…

Armani Ristorante in Dubai, it was one of those lavish experiences that make you feel like you are in movie. Arriving in a helicopter and being treated to the most amazing food and hospitality.

It was memorable for me as it was a big contrast to my everyday beachside living and it was incredible to see the level of detail that went into their food preparation. Another favourite meal is my Indian Spiced Salmon available at Novotel Hotels throughout Australia.

One of my favourite vacation stays was…

Staying on a charter boat called Ocean Divine in the Maldives which I like to think of as a floating hotel of sorts.

It provided front door service for surfing a perfect swell every day. Between surfs just hanging with friends, eating amazing fresh fish and seafood, while cruising around the tropical islands, couldn’t get much sweeter than that.

Something a little closer to home is…

The Novotel Darling Harbour in Sydney. It has everything I need, perfect location for me to operate in the city, my Sally Fitz Healthy Choice menu and feels like a second home. I think that is pretty special to be able to say that about a hotel experience : )

When it comes to my ‘travel uniform’…

It’s challenging to dress for all the extreme climates you experience.

I rock my comfy Under Armour training kit for flights and travel; seamless compression tights, loose tee, thin jumper and super lightweight trainers to allow for my feet expanding on long flights. I want to able to stretch and keep the body moving a lot when I travel and have super long flights.

I hate…

Missing flights.

Especially when travelling with my Dad, so we are always super early for flights just in case!

That habit has definitely rubbed off on me, which is awesome because it means we are all super relaxed when it comes to jumping on the flight.

I can’t get on the plane without…

My diary, laptop and phone within reach to continue work on current projects and brainstorm training ideas and concepts, as well as my current book to read.

I’ll have some fresh fruit and Blue Dinosaur Paleo bars to snack on in transit.

My Burt’s Bees lip balm and moisturising lotion is always on hand and my own drink bottle to keep fluids up.

Summer fun✌

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That changes from time to time but my phone is my office in my pocket.

Phones and apps have just reached that point where they cover everything from tracking your fitness training, general office work, emails, friend and family connections, podcasts, social media, Netflix and tunes.

It really just does everything to help you stay in touch while on the road.

My training never stops and that’s why I put my passion for movement into my training app The All Australian Beach Body, it’s been amazing to help people out with their fitness goals no matter where they are.

Surfing accessories?

My FCS soft racks are essential for travelling with 2 surfboard bags.

It’s not easy travelling with large luggage but the soft racks allow you to strap them to the roof of any vehicle. I can’t go anywhere without my boards as I’m always drawn to the ocean.

Beauty/skin treatments?

I use loads of sunscreen and foundation zinc products to protect my skin from the sun, it is so important with the amount of time I spend out in the elements.

I rely heavily on the Burt’s Bees range of products to cleanse and nourish my skin and body after long days at the beach.

Books, movies or magazines?

I move between all 3 but have gravitated to podcasts more recently.

I am a bit of an old soul and love the tangible feel of a book and being able to turn the page. It has been a lot of fun releasing my new health and fitness book ‘Summer Fit All Year Round’ to kick off 2018 and spread my love of healthy food and activity.


I’m into a bit of a mix lately, some acoustic jams, Lorde and the anthem for the Greatest Showman, ‘This is me’. Epic song.

Meg & Dom

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