Feeling a little bit of swimwear fatigue from all the same stick-thin model bodies on Instagram? We get you.

And so does Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie Swim, who has made it her mission to forge a new era of ultra-flattering suits for every body.

No more putting up with naff patterns because the only people doing plus sizes are in all the stores you don’t want to shop, Travis believes everyone should have the opportunity to rock chic, minimalist swimwear that feels luxurious. Curvy, post-baby, pre-baby or aren’t even size conscious and just want the comfort of a well-structured suit.

Here we walk with Travis about start-ups, style and making it big in NYC.

The initial idea for Andie came one summer at my old job…

I went on a work retreat to a lake with colleagues and really struggled to find a swimsuit for that trip. I just couldn’t find anything that felt minimal and timeless at an accessible price point. I spoke with many of my female colleagues on that trip who shared my frustration with swimwear shopping.

I began to speak with more and more women about their experiences swimwear shopping, and eventually realised I was hearing a chorus of voices all saying that the swimwear shopping experience is broken.

So, I decided to do something about it! That’s how Andie was born.

We’re an e-commerce swimwear brand offering a curated selection of modern, timeless swimwear – everything under $140 AUD – and we offer free shipping and free returns and exchanges so women can try our suits on in the comfort of their own home and send back anything they don’t love.

Actress and activist Demi Moore is also an investor and was interested in the idea of a swimwear brand by and for women, that empowers rather than objectifies women.

She loves the product itself – she wears the swimsuits regularly – and she is a big believer in female empowerment which is what Andie is all about.


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I love the energy of my home in New York City…

There’s always something going on, wherever you are. And it’s a city full of opportunity. I credit a big part of Andie’s success with building the business in New York City, which is the epicenter for e-commerce and fashion in the United States.

My favourite in NYC for brunch is…

Two Hands! It’s the best brunch in New York, and I’m not just saying that because it’s Australian!

And dinner…

Locanda Verde – Robert DiNiro’s restaurant in Tribeca. They make the best cacio de pepe.

And for cocktails…

I love the Old Fashioneds at the Ritz on 5th Avenue. I know that might make me sound a bit… old fashioned. But it’s a classic cocktail and a classic place to have one!


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NYC is notoriously fast paced though…

and when I need to hide away and switch off and escape my wife and I often head to the Catskills (north of the city) or to the Hamptons (east of the city).

The Catskills are so cozy in the winter, where you can curl up in a cabin in the woods in front of a fireplace. The Hamptons are best in the summer, with miles of beautiful beaches.


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My favourite tip for creatives wanting to launch a business in NYC is…

Find your people because no matter your idea there are people with similar interests here.

When friends are in town and want to experience that typical NYC energy I recommend they stay in…
Greenwich Village for the jazz, comedy, cobblestone streets, and Washington Square Park.


My favourite free activity to do in NYC is…

Strolling through Central Park then going to the roof of the Met Museum!


When I’m in LA for business….

I prefer the West Side of LA – it’s closer to the ocean, and I just love the beach. Santa Monica or Venice are my favorite neighborhoods to stay. Finding a little beach bungalow to rent in Venice is such a treat.


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My travel uniform always consists of…

go-to favourites that make me feel comfortable, like jeans with a Vince t-shirt and sneakers.

My ultimate carry-on bag is…

Light. A Macbook air, a Kindle, and usually a few loose dog treats.

In terms of travel tech, I love…

the Apple watch! Makes it easy to keep time both at the home office in New York, and wherever in the world I am.

My in-plane beauty routine usually consists of…

drinking a lot of water and Kiehl’s face lotion and Vaseline. Planes are so dehydrating, I just try to keep hydrated.

My favourite holiday mood music is…

Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you.” It’s a classic!


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