A constant traveller as a surfer, swimwear model and now designer (Abysse Swimwear), Hanalei Reponty knows a thing or two about packing smart and finding inspiration while on the road.

These are her make or break essentials…

Traveling has always been a huge part of my inspiration in life…

so naturally it influences a lot the way I design Abysse’s line. There is nothing quite like getting lost in a corner of the world, discovering its culture and seeing the world through a new eye; to get inspired.

I am a very curious person and always adore discovering.

For the design process, I function the same way. I explore the garment world, take a lot of inspiration from the past and places and follow my instincts.

Our new collection is very much based on the bright colors of the 90s, the pop retro funk surf era that was relevant in the surf culture between Hawaii and California at that time. Being a 90s baby myself, I always feel attracted to that era in time.

As cheesy as it sounds, my favorite place in the world is Tahiti…

It is the place I love the most, for its raw beauty, its clear water and perfect waves. You cannot not fall in love with nature in Polynesia, it makes you appreciate it.

Of course, being where I grew up, it has a romantic place in my heart, where I feel the most at ease and happy. I truly always cannot wait to go back.

Food is such a fun way to explore a place…

I have eaten whale & elk in Norway, tapas & wine in San Sebastian (Basque Country), the BEST pastries and anything bread related in France, pastas and pizzas that will melt in your mouth in Italy, tajins in Morocco, tacos in Tulum, goat in the Marquesas islands… but nothing will compare to the fresh raw fish in Tahiti, caught right of the boat, cooked in coconut milk & lime juice: delicious. (See what I did there? Tahitian pride! Hehe!)

At home in California I love to revel in the eclectic mix of cultures…

it really transpires in its food industry, which is big reason why everywhere you will eat is delicious. But I must say that Mexican food a la California is truly bomb.

I am not a big hotel fan, in the sense that I would rather be in a little hut on the beach…

So of course, all the hotels that have truly make my mind are that way: The Brando in Tetiaroa would be the epitome of it all. Private island, surrounded by ocean.

I also love the Royal Hawaiian, in Waikiki, where we shot our last campaign, as it transpires the 70s esthetic that I love, You cannot deny that pink!

When I fly, comfort is my main concern…

Lately my favorite combo has been a bodysuit with sweat/track pants. A comfy pair of sneakers, and either a nice jacket or cashmere sweater as I am always freezing on the plane.

My only travel anxiety is to be stuck in a middle row seat…

I always try to check in online the day before to avoid that, and even if it means paying for my own seat. Being prepared is also a big thing of mine so I try to pack early, make sure I have enough time to go to the easy to the airport, which makes it way less stressful.

These are my carry-on essentials…

Wallet, phone, phone charger, reading glasses, Aesop travel Kit, Nuxe Lip Balm, Bose Headphones, my favourite book, my Moleskin notebook and pen, a change of clothes (in case my bag doesn’t make it, or shorts if where I am going is a tropical destination), my Olympus Pen F camera and laptop computer.

Fave travel tech:

Really good headphones! It truly makes a difference I swear. I do not sleep very much on flight so I end up binge watching movies or listening to music.

Having great headphones really help, it also is a nice way to find your own space and zone.

In-air beauty and skin care consists of…

Aesop products. My skin is on the dry side, and in the plane it absolutely gets dried out. I have been traveling with Aesop products and they are amazing. I use the face moisturiser, their oil and scrub.

It truly makes you feel like a new person, right after a long flight. I also love Nuxe products, especially their lip balm.

Books, movies or magazines?

I am a really big book nerd. Reading is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately on planes, I do feel bad having my light up while people are sleeping so I tend to watch movies if its a night flight.

Music that puts you in holiday mode?

Polo & Pan, Agar Agar, Lucille Furs, Allalahs, Brigitte Bardot


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