Hotel vs Airbnb, it’s a big debate when it comes to organising accommodation.

Both options have their share of glowing reviews and horror stories, from being surprised with a bottle of Brut on arrival to the failure to mention you’re actually staying in what is almost deemed a hostel.

Whichever you choose, hotel or crowd-sourced holiday rental, seasoned travellers will tell you that no trip away is without an unexpected hiccup. However, as someone who appreciates a short, sweet and stress-free break, here’s why I’ll always opt for a hotel over an Airbnb.


You Know What You’re Getting

While dud hotels definitely exist (we’ve learnt to always check the reviews for eco-hotels), there’s a level of quality that hotels must provide. It comes with having a name to uphold, a business to run and industry regulations to adhere to.

Airbnb hosts, on the other hand, generally don’t have much to lose besides their pocket money or their online-pride if there are hairs and suspicious stains on your duvet cover.


No Last-Minute Cancellations

Mistakes happen and if a hotel has double-booked your room, they’ll have a contingency plan in place that usually involves a partner hotel putting you up instead. But, if this happens with Airbnb—unless your host has a very generous friend—you’re unfortunately screwed.

So, if you’re in town for a massive event like Oktoberfest, where accommodation is booked out three months in advance, weigh up the risks.

The chances may be slim, but the money you may have to fork out last-minute room could be much better spent on shoes, or beer.

You’re More Likely To Feel Safe and Comfortable

After a jam-packed day of exploring, all everyone wants is a good night’s sleep—or an all-night rager—but either way, you want wake up in a comfy and safe cocoon.

As someone who enjoys travelling solo, a well-located hotel in surrounded by buzzing bars and restaurants—rather than sleepy residential streets—takes the edge off when you’re weaving about unfamiliar streets in the wee hours of the morning.


You Don’t Have to Be Among Someone Else’s Things

Holidays are all about taking a break and being carefree, perhaps maybe even a little careless. And good on you, it’s your time to do your own thing and go wild.

So, where does having the responsibility of babysitting someone’s precious belongings fit in?

How about tip-toeing around ornamental, but inconveniently placed family heirlooms? Or getting emails from an angry host for leaving baguette crumbs all over the kitchen floor when you’ve already paid a cleaning fee?

Sheraton Macao, China

You Can Get a Concierge To Do Your Dirty Work

Whether it’s a booking to an impossible-to-land-a-table restaurant, requesting dry cleaner to get a red wine stain out from a silk dress, or simply in desperate need of earplugs because your partner is having the best sleep, all of these requests come guilt-free when staying at a hotel.

If you’re lucky, your Airbnb host may be so kind to provide a list of their tips, but if you’re renting the entire dwelling there’s a chance that you mightn’t even catch a glimpse of them at all.

So, instead of spending your limited time in town searching for inspiration on Instagram and travel blogs (because you’re a saint if you’re that well-researched before you land), local recommendations from your (often very attractive) concierge are to be treasured like 24K gold.

Sheraton Macao, China

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