We’re new to this.

Here’s the first episode of a Wild Vs Mild, a vlogging series we’ve come up with and launched earlier this week.

Our lives used to be all about travel for work, to escape and for Citizens of the World.

Life was pretty crazy and we kind of liked it that way but now we have a baby and things are changing very quickly.

It’s basically all about how we’re navigating our new life direction, juggling freelance work and trying to get back out there and do things—which can be tough when you’re a new parent.

In this first ep we visit Sydney’s iconic Palm Beach and walk the Barrenjoey Lighthouse climb because Dom has been getting cabin fever from staying in looking after our bub.

It’s a semi-steep 15-minute walk (about an hour from Sydney) but super easy to do with kids and rewards you with stunning views.

It does receive a fair amount of tourist traffic though and for this reason you’ll find a TON of litter left in patches of shrubs along the way (usually with an errant Scrub Turkey poking through the trash looking for food scraps).

DOM HATES LITTER and can’t walk past it without picking it up and he filled a whole rubbish bag on this trip.

Do you litter in your spare time? This is the fastest way to make Dom hate you.

We hope you enjoy, if you like it please subscribe so you get notifications whenever a new episode is out.

Thanks and safe travels.

Meg & Dom

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