Something strange happened mid-April.

We mean something on top of the US trying to spark world war 3 with Iran (remember that fun little tidbit? Feels like years ago), Prince Harry giving the middle finger to the British Royal Family, Trump getting impeached, the Pentagon releasing footage of actual UFOs. Oh, and a little something called Covid-19 completely stopping the planet.

No, we’re talking about TikTok. Of course, it was around in the peripheries of our social media ecosystem but it hit full force once we were all locked down. Why is that?

Maybe it’s the ultra-authentic down-to-earth nature of peoples videos?

Maybe it’s because TikTok humour tends to punctuate its pithy content with twinges of subversiveness—totally in tune with the mood of the world.

Or maybe it’s just because we’re all over Instagram.

Who knows.

All we know is we love it more than we love our therapists. And these are a few of the accounts that have helped keep us sane in the face of sheer uncertainty.




There’s no shortage of Trump impersonators on TikTok and each of them has their own unique superpower. However, we LOVE Sarah Cooper (@whatchugotforme) the most right now for taking some of Trump’s most bizarre quotes, which already feel scarily disjointed, and matching them with mannerisms that are so on-point it’s like she’s got a front-row seat into his mind. You’d be terrified if you weren’t laughing so much.

@whatchugotformeHow to bunker♬ original sound – whatchugotforme



Max Foster, we love thee. Max is the undisputed master of creating journalism-centric content on TikTok. Only he can pair a song from High School Musical with the news of Twitter placing fact-checking software on the US President’s Twitter.
(We know we’ve talked about Trump twice now. What can we say, there’s a LOT to unpack there). Whether you love CNN or not, you have to give credit to a man bringing the news to where the people are, even if where they are is on a video meme-sharing-lip-syncing platform.

@maxfostercnnWho’s right?♬ original sound – kylieshapiro




She’s from Melbourne, she’s an actor, she’s adorable. But more importantly, she’s brilliant at skewering Australian pop culture. Don’t believe us? Watch this clip of her acting out ‘Shop Assistants In Australia’ and tell us you don’t start laughing at the accuracy about 5 seconds in.

@samanthandrew1Shop assistants in Australia ##foryou ##foryourpage ##fy ##impersonation ##aussielife ##shoppinglife ##melbourne ##trending ##millenial ##comedyskit♬ original sound – samanthandrew1



Brodie Moss is HUGE. Mega HUGE. 1.2 million huge on TikTok, 1.94 million on YouTube and, look, you get the drift. But we only discovered him on TikTok? What does that MEAN?! To us, it means the TikTok algorithm is fierce at finding out what you love at breakneck speed and CLEARLY we love videos of people rescuing sea animals.

@ybsbrodiethousands of turtles come along these shores during mating season. tides and bad weather can leave them stranded, helpless and dying. Glad we can help♬ original sound – ybsbrodie



This was MADE for anyone born between the years of 1985 and 1991. Jade Buchanon has made herself TikTok famous by simply tapping into the nostalgia of being a teen in the 90s and early 2000s. Want to remember what a total time that was? Watch Jade’s video reviewing a copy of Teen People magazine from February 2000. The Tommy Girl reference hit hard.

@shinyprettiesTeen magazines from the ##90s & ##early2000s were so iconic! 💖 ##vintage ##retro ##millennial ##y2k ##2000s ##britneyspears ##magazines ##nostalgia ##fypシ♬ Funky Town – 70s Hits



If there’s one thing TikTok is good for it’s for taking sometimes serious things and making them fun, easily digestible and just straight down-to-earth for the average human. Sometimes it’s politics and sometimes it’s mental health. We love Chloe Hayden of @princessaspien for her incredibly entertaining and often funny explanations of life with autism. She dispels myths, breaks down stereotypes and educates her how to love the autistic person in your life (plot twist: you just love them like a normal person).

@princessaspienAutism Anthem 🤘🏼 (this took me SO long plz blow this up or at least start treating autistic people better ok 🥰)) ##fyp ##foryou ##autism♬ Autism Anthem – princessaspien



Paige Layle is another autism advocate that we love. Same realm as Chloe Hayden but American and she focuses heavily on what autism in girls and women looks like, also, stimming, autistic burnout. It’s all fascinating and entertaining at the same time. We have autism in our family so this stuff is really interesting to us but watch for a while and you’ll start wondering if all those quirks you have might actually be symptoms of undiagnosed autism. And if so? Paige Layle is here to show you it doesn’t mean anything beyond an explanation. You’re normal. You do you BB.

@paigelaylelearn more about autism! 🙂 i get many questions every day to make more vids about it, i will continue to show you guys! ##feature ##fup ##fyp ##featureme♬ original sound – paigelayle


Have you ever worked in an office? Or retail? Or the media industry? If not, don’t worry, everyone can enjoy Jordan Firstman’s hysterically accurate impressions of people. Watch this clip of ‘Jesus talking to God about Corona’ and tell us you don’t get some kind of PTSD symptoms from dealing with a lazy coworker.

@jtfirstman##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##comedy ##funny ##jesus ##tiktokcomedy♬ original sound – jtfirstman


It’s a drone. A drone looking at sharks. That’s it.
Specifically in the waters off Sydney’s Bondi Beach but they move around sometimes too. We don’t know, there’s something hypnotic about watching an apex predator just do its thing with colloquial Australian accents commentating in the background. It’s exciting, it’s a little bit scary. Mostly it’s just a shark. In water. But there you go.

@dronesharkapp_22Norman’s back at ##bondibeach this morning 🤙🤙♬ original sound – dronesharkapp_22



If there’s an account that gives us conflicting emotions every time we tap the ‘Like’ button on its content—this is that. It’s user-submitted content from behind the scenes of influencers posing in the world. We write this knowing we’ve been in caught many-a-time working our awkward angles in public but some of the people here, well, they deserve to be called out. *coughsinfakeprotesters*. See what we mean below.

@influencersinthewildThis commentary is 🔥🔥🔥 (sound on) ##blm ##influencer ##blacklivesmatter ##coronavirus ##protest ##foryou ##xyzbca♬ original sound – influencersinthewild

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