After a long four years in development, the refit of the Singapore Airlines A380 has finally landed.


Hold on, as we run up and down the aisles of the Singapore Airlines A380 to discover what’s new.

The Suites

If you’re lucky enough to even poke your head around what’s Singapore Airlines’ First Class then you’re in for a real treat.

Here, you’ll find just six Suites located within the front cabin of the upper deck, which means a whole lot of space but not many people to play Marco Polo with. Having said that, if you’re spending your time playing Marco Polo, you’re not doing the Suites right.

When in this private oasis in sky, you really have to make the most of the ingenuity by Pierrejean Design Studio.

Close your sliding doors, lie on your 100% flat bed to watch your 32-inch full HD TV that can swivel to angle your screen.

Rather kick back on a reclining leather chair as you work away at your desk? Or how about snuggle your partner?

Beds in selected Suites transform into a double, which makes Netflix and chill just as satisfying as it would be if you were at home.

Perhaps you’d rather celebrate that you’ve made it to First Class instead? Stow your bed away and you can also host your own silent disco — yes, because they really have thought of everything.

Business Class

If you don’t have the cash for First Class but still want a little luxury when you’re up in the air, the new Business Class won’t disappoint.

These fancy chairs are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration and are a spacious 63.5cm wide so you can recline to a full-flat bed if should you desire some shut-eye.

But we reckon you’ll want to stop at a nice sun-deck position for optimum TV watching on your 18-inch HD touchscreen, because when else is better time to catch up on your rotation of shows?

As in the Suites, a centre divider completely lowers so seats to form double beds.

Soft yet supportive, these aren’t your just average seats. They’re made out of a carbon fibre composite shell structure rather than metal, and this thinner base translates to all your belongings in your cabin bag being within an arm’s reach.

That’s the sort of convenience we’re willing to pay for.


Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy also gets a stylish update. Each seat is just over 49.5cm wide and reclines back to a sweet 20cm, with a seat pitch of 96cm, so if you want to spread your legs then there’s plenty of room.


Aiding your chillout session are noise-cancelling headphones and a sleek 13.3-inch full HD monitor to keep you entertained. Other things to get excited about here?

Leather finishings and a calf rest and foot bar for every seat, which those like us who can’t touch their toes at yoga will firmly appreciate.


Economy Class

In Economy are 343 seats on the main deck, all beautifully designed with a contemporary fabric seat covers that feel as good as they look — we’ve sat on many scratchy seats in our time.

These seats designed and built by RECARO have been constructed with ergonomics in mind.

With more legroom and back support than ever, you’ll get through all the Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown episodes on the inflight entertainment system before you realise your a few hundred steps off your daily target.

Meg & Dom

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