Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned baby-wrapping oracle, you’re no doubt well versed in the wonder that is a well-encased newborn.

While in ‘normal’ life seems counter-intuitive to grab a person’s arms and straightjacket them into submission (don’t try this on an adult), in baby-world this is not only the secret to a happy bub but also buys you a few sweet hours of sleep/replying to emails, as well as providing a nice easy to manage infant (the fewer limbs flinging around everywhere the better).

When we first welcomed Little Lono onto planet Earth, one of the things we completely forgot to buy was a decent amount of large swaddles. We made up for it by irrationally overstocking on sunscreen and wipes. So there’s that.

Bondi Beach Baby came into our lives at just the right moment. Designed by a Sydney mother who really knows the struggle to find large, soft, breathable swaddles that aren’t covered in cheesy motifs. Bondi Beach Baby wraps are unisex, made from 100% organic cotton and have just the right amount of style along with snugness.

Because, let’s be honest, it makes us feel like we’re starting him out right. We all know experimental cringeworthy fashion is for the teen years.

Meg & Dom

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