Mexico’s Yucatan is home to some 3000 cenotes (freshwater pools).

3000 is a LOT of sink holes.

However, once you get your head over the fact that everywhere you step is a potential crater in the ground, you can start enjoying them for what they really are – home to the most life-changing dips you’ll ever have.

The most famous of them all could be Cenote Ik Kil, which is about 2km from Chichen Itza (and just over 2 hours from Tulum). It’s 150 feet deep and infinity % beautiful.

Which which can also be a bit of a curse because this place gets BUSY. As in rows-and-row- of-giant-tour-buses-full-of-people-who’ll-make-you-wait-in-line-to-dive-in busy.

However, the beauty of these groups is they come, they swim, they go. Probably all in about a 2 hour period. No messing about (time is money, people!).

So one minute you could literally find yourself sharing the pool with about 50 tourists, questioning your stance on cheap airfares and the next thing you’ll have it all to yourself and you’ll be right back to your blissed out and #blessed self.

TIP: If you really want to get those great ‘just chilling in my own personal natural wonder of the world‘ Instagram shots arrive around 10am (even earlier if possible) and leave before the lunch time rush.

OR visit in the late late afternoon, around 4.30pm. The tour buses will be just herding their crowds back onto their air-conditioned chariots and you’ll be so grateful you shelled out for car rental.

Meg & Dom

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