Marie Kondo-ing your beauty kit ahead of a break is something we always put off until the last minute.

But with these travel-sized minis there’s no need to write a pros and cons list to figure out which of your children spark the most joy. Just pack them all.

Here are our top travel beauty picks for May.

Tonic Luxe Travel Cube

Gorgeous travel cases can be found pretty much everywhere, but this faux leather number is hard to beat. With five handy compartments, gone are the days of rummaging through your make-up bag to find your fave red lippy.

And if you’ve ever fallen victim to a smashed Diptyque bottle in your suitcase and everything in your life permeating of Philosykos as a consequence, then you too will understand the importance of a hard case.

Available here

Helmut Lang Eau De Parfum Discovery Trio from Agence de Parfum

Do you feel naked without a spritz of perfume in the morning? With Helmut Lang’s signature fragrances in your arsenal just because you’re taking time out, doesn’t mean you have to take off from your rotation of scents.

Available here


Cire Trudon Perfume Sampler Set from Libertine Parfumerie

Revolutionary, timeless, emotive, and that’s just the Cire Trudon brand. What do you do when you don’t want to stay true to just one scent while on the road? Take 5. This handy carry-on-friendly set serves up 50mls of each of Cire Trudon’s iconic perfumes so you never have to play favourites.

Available here

Chloe Eau De Parfum Travel Size

Your favourite rose scented beauty in handy TSA-can’t-steal packaging. The multifaceted fragrance is the ideal travel fragrance –– just like a mysterious date, it’ll charm you with warmer and more sensual notes as the night goes on.

Available here


Nomad Balancing Perfume Oil From TIGMI Trading

If you’re going on a solo trip, then you might want to consider a perfume oil – the lesser-known sister to the parfum and the eau de toilette where a little goes a long way. Known for its stress relieving properties, this lavender infused dream bring Zen back into your life with a little whiff.

Available here

Face Halo Pack Of 3

We all have our cbf moments when it comes to removing our makeup, but with this nifty microfibre cleansing disc there’s no excuse for sleeping in a full face.

The ultimate lazy girl’s best friend, splash on some water to buff away even the most stubborn traces of mascara. A win for the environment and a win for your luggage weight.

Available here


Bioeffect EGF Eye Mask Treatment

Who wants to step off a plane bleary-eyed, when really you could look like a fresh as Gigi Hadid?

While we can’t guarantee that you morph into a supermodel we reckon this plant-based EFG and hydrogel serum combo can help you get there.

Available here


MAC Cosmetics Fix+ Spray Travel Size (Mini MAC) 

Sent from the hydration gods at MAC, this fine water mist will instantly perk up dull skin. One to keep by your side on flights, it also doubles as a makeup setting spray – an essential in sweltering heat if you want to avoid accidentally imprint your face on your partner’s white tee.

Available here

MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream Travel Size (Little MAC)

Paranoid about your suitcase going walkabout after a flight?

Us, too, which is why we’re never without this moisturiser. Liquid gold in a 30ml airport-friendly tube, it’s iridescent particles will make you look a million bucks even when all you have is the twenty stashed in your bra.

Available here

Ocinium Organic Skincare Brighten And Illuminate Discovery Set

Science and natural ingredients come together in this skincare trio by Ocinium. Perfect for those who love a nightly routine, this cleanser, serum and moisturiser combo is sure to restore your glow, whether you’ve spent the day up in the air or on the ground.

Available here

Pressplay Cosmetics Capsule

Jetsetting with only a carry-on bag? This up-and-coming Aussie beauty brand has got you covered.

Their iPhone-sized compact holds all your essentials, from eyebrow pencil to blush and powder, and even manages to fit in a mirror.

With its chic packaging and gorgeous lineup of goodies, we’re not surprised to hear they’ve even got British Vogue’s stamp of approval.

Available here


Bali Body Golden Traveller Bundle

An even head-to-toe glow can be hard to achieve but not anymore. This moisturising lotion, BB cream, tanning oil and sunscreen are colour matched so noone will know you’re faking it. We won’t tell if you won’t.

Available here


David Mallet Travel Kit in L’Hydration

This award-winning shampoo and conditioner set by David Mallet will single-handedly increase the number of selfies you take.

Creamy but lightweight, it’ll transform lacklustre hair into gleaming tresses with natural ingredients like macadamia nut oil and plant protein complex.

Available here


Davines Oi Absolutely Beautifying Potion Oil

While its clean packaging may not seem like much, looks can be deceiving.

All you need is a couple pumps of this magic to defrizz your strands and make them shine. This Italian brand is known for its gorgeous scented products and Oi’s leafy vanilla aroma won’t let you down.

Available here


Batiste Dry Shampoo Mini in Blush

A must-have in the beauty arsenal of anyone suffering from flat, post-plane mane but also anyone who has to deal with thin hair in general. A spritz of this does more than refresh your roots, it also adds uplift for then you need to thicken up.

Available here


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