Day 1: “I am so excited to spend quality time at home with my family and home-school my kids; we can read books, do puzzles and finger paint…I will be the next Julie Andrews.”


Day 5: “Hey, watch as I convince my child to watch one more movie on Netflix because Happy Hour starts at 3pm today.”


We get it — isolation is not the dream we all thought it would be.

Well, maybe it is for all the 20-30-year-olds without kids who pretty much get a holiday for the next 6 months. Who (don’t deny it) you have been stalking on Instagram constantly trying to pretend that is your life while your 3 years old throws soggy Weetbix on the ground and the theme song of Bluey reverberates through your head.

So to try and lessen you and your kid’s insanity during this weird and random time of life we have compiled some tried and tested things that will keep your little ones entertained by themselves so you can maybe wash your hair (or at least shower) before 10 pm tonight.


Good luck!


Kid YT Fitness and Yoga Classes


The object of the game here is to wear them out as much as possible so they stop breaking things. We recommend the YT channels


The Body Coach TV – Their Kids workout playlist is great

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Zumba Kids or Just Dance


Our top tip here is if your TV has a Bluetooth option use Bluetooth headphones so you can have a break from noise and the headphones will also help to keep your kiddo more engaged as there will be no background noise to distract them.



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Audio Book Subscription

Audible, Google Audiobooks, Librivox, Kobo Audiobooks, are all great sites that you can get a free month trial too, audiobooks are perfect to play when your child is doing a puzzle, craft, before nap time.



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Make a Craft Table


Ok so we are not saying here you have to go to Spotlight and spend $500 on craft supplies that will barely be touched. What we recommend is if you have an outdoor table or space that is sheltered lay down a drop sheet or tarp and that becomes the ‘craft space’ then fill a box with anything they can use for craft around the house e.g.


Buttons, old nail polish, sticks, leaves, paper, glue, play-dough, even trays of oats, coconut or water etc for sensory play.


You can leave the space always there for your child to go and play at but only bring out certain things at a time to keep the space exciting and entertaining.


Go on a Bear Hunt


This one started in London during their lockdown however has traveled to Australia now as well. The concept is that many people are putting bears or stuffed animals in their window to make daily walks more exciting. Give your child a notebook and a pen and do a tick everything you see a bear or animal in the window of your walk.


Make sure to put a stuffed toy in your window too!




Go on a virtual tour


There are heaps of virtual tours online e.g. the zoo (live animal cams), the aquarium, the Great Wall of China and even Mars. Below is a great reasorce that links some cool ideas.

Links here!




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Kids Dance Classes


The musical mind and Just Dance on YT are great resources to keep the little ones moving! Lachie has been loving


The Musical Mind


Great for all ages.



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Meg & Dom

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