Let’s be clear, there are 2 types of boredom in this world.

There’s the kind of uninspired tedium that creeps up at the traffic lights or during a bad TV show, prompting you to pick up your phone and scroll endlessly. Usually filling your brain with meaningless selfies as you look at shots of other people showcasing only the most euphoric moments of their lives.

This type of boredom is obviously bad. But there’s a whole other kind as well. We’re talking about a level of unconcerned relaxation that comes from having very little to do… and loving it.

It’s the freedom of having no plans for the day, picking up a book for a while, dozing off, taking the time to make yourself a delicious snack then eating it in the sun, playing board games with friends and family, or simply letting your mind wander and generally just de-stimulating yourself in order to re-energise.

To switch off, now that is a rare and coveted thing these days. But it is the stamp of the classic Australian beach holiday. You could say that as a country we specialise in low-key chills.

However it’s also kind of short break escape that’s often overlooked in exchange for
discount luxury escapes in Asia. Check your inbox, there’s always some company spruiking one.

And while there’s nothing wrong with going overseas to unwind (as long as you don’t mind packing up the kids, getting on a cramped plane for 8 hours, rushing to a busy resort, waiting to check in, all before you can actually relax), there’s a very special joy that comes from slipping into the car, pumping some tunes and arriving to your private beachside escape sans drama or customs control.

This brings us to Wynola Boomerang Beach, a property that re-introduced us to the beauty of the classic Aussie beach escape and the beauty of a holiday where the house is the entertainment.

Wynola is a renovated heritage Queenslander, complete with romantic wrap-around verandah flanked by bushes of Wattle trees. It sits just opposite the white sands of Boomerang Beach (about 3 and a half hours from Sydney), which means you get to enjoy the soundtrack of waves crashing with your afternoon drinks.

There’s such a feeling of nostalgia as soon as you drive up, you’re almost instantly transported to the holidays of your childhood.

You remember the ones where you were ‘bored’ so you made friends with the neighbours or you got creative and built cubby houses or had epic table tennis championships? We’re talking about the kind of genuine silly fun you had before iPhones or games.

We think it’s called ‘making memories’. You remember those?

Inside there’s 4 bedrooms, each beautifully styled to transport you into ‘beach mode’. Think, raw linen sheets, thick soft covers in pastel hues and even quirky little additions like a shark’s tooth sitting in a ceramic on the bedside.

The kitchen (and accompanying butler’s pantry) is a cooks dream. Bench space galore, wine fridges, deluxe coffee machine and everything matches in shades is soothing blue.

It’s literally impossible to get stressed out in this house.

But what separates Wynola from your other standard beach escapes are the little details. Things such as the charging ports all along the bar in the kitchen so the workaholics that can’t take a moment off the inbox can happily set up their laptop or iPhone and sit watching the world go by out the windows while also getting things done. Add to the that the portable speaker and strong Wi-Fi, there’s JUST enough technology to ensure maximum enjoyment.

What we’re saying is there’s no sacrificing on the creature comforts—but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you sit around on your phone all day.

In the living room there’s a fireplace for cooler nights, an outdoor fire pit on warmer ones, but the painted surfboard standing in the corner reminds you what this place is really all about. Boomerang Beach.

And with across the road proximity, sunset beach walks a must.

Boomerang is usually unpatrolled by surf lifesavers, however with your wits about you and and eye on rips in the waves, it’s a stunning spot to swim. In spring/summer there are often surf competitions taking advantage of the lack of crowds so if you don’t feel like taking part there’s plenty of people watching to be had. Not to mention stunning views across to the cliffs.

If you, like us, measure a holiday home by its ability to make you crave actually living there full-time, then Wynola is without a doubt the perfect place for your next memory making weekend away.

So you’re in Boomerang Beach? What now? Here are a few things we loved while in town.


Kembali Cafe
2/188 Boomerang Drive, Blueys Beach, NSW, 2428
+61 2 65540889

Isn’t peeking into other people’s beach properties and imagining owning them half the fun of a weekend escape? For this reason we definitely suggest leaving the car at home and taking in some of the prime real estate that lines the blocks in this rarified part of the world.

Once you get to Kembali, settle in for large portions. While the size of the menu may be small, there’s something to be said for doing a few things really REALLY well. If they still have the corn fritters, run don’t walk.


Drop into Blueys Cellars and stop up on a good vino and some delicious deli treats for afternoon lazing. You want to save your appetite for this evening’s feasting at either Huey’s At Blueys Pizza (also at Blueys and walkable to and from home) or Spice Monkey in Forster.



Reef Bar Forster
Reef Apartments, 1 Wharf Street, Forster, NSW, 2428
+61 2 6555 7092

Apart from the verandah at Wynola, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a great cocktail with a view. Reef boasts panoramic views across Forster’s Wallis Lake and with a daily happy hour of 4-6pm you can’t really go wrong.


Huey’s At Blueys Pizza
201 Boomerang Drive, Blueys Beach, NSW, 2428
+61 2 6554 0222

You can’t get more local flavour than Huey’s at Blueys. Renowned for their traditional thin based pizzas topped with the freshest ingredients, you’ll often find a line of foodies waiting for a table each evening.


Spice Monkey
4 Wharf Street, Forster, NSW, 2428
+61 2 65548767

Conveniently next door to Reef Bar & Grill, Spice Monkey is more than the obvious choice for dinner. From Japanese and Thai to Chinese and Vietnamese, the influences on Spice Monkey’s Asian fusion menu mean every palette is catered to. No arguments!


What To Do

Walk to nearby Blueys Beach and explore the local shops.
Boomerang Beach just across the road.
Light up the fire pit at night.
Play games with your family.
Cook a meal you’ve never tried before.
Read a book.
Get slightly bored in the best way possible.

Meg & Dom

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