So, it’s 35 degrees. The air con is at full capacity, the kids have destroyed 90% of the house and water restrictions prevent them from going outside and playing the sprinklers…

Welcome to the Summer Holidays.


“That’s it. Everyone in the car we are going to the beach!”


So you pile the crew into the car, drive to the nearest stretch of sand, wait an hour for a car space, kids are whining and your legs are sticking to the seats of your car because it’s so GOSH DARN HOT!

Then you finally get to the beach.  It’s crowded, not relaxing and the idea of waiting 40mins for an iced latte doesn’t sound fun either. This is not the summer you envisioned…


Sound Familiar?


We here at COTW agree that this reality of summer is NOT fun.

So, we put on our thinking caps and thought out a solution. The answer? Secret Beaches. Shhhh don’t say it out loud! We are so kind that not only did we find EIGHT beaches for us to visit in the heat of summer on the coast,

but we thought we would let you in on the secret too…


Let’s dive in shall we?


Tallows & Little Tallows

Location: Box Head, at the northern entry point of Broken Bay

Access: 4WD Track and Steep Bush Walk

Snorkelling: No

Surfing: Yes


Well worth the 4WD and hike, Tallows is a beautiful secluded beach on the coast. Known for its off-grid campground and hiking tracks above and around the beach. The beach has decent swell so great for surfing and if you are more of a calm beach swimmer do not fear we have something for you too. You can walk up from Tallows to Little Tallows which is more sheltered and great for swimming in calm waters. Happy days.


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Tip:  Make sure to pack a picnic lunch and a big bottle of water as there is no water or food access at the beach/campground.


Maitland Bay

Location: Bouddi National Park

Access: 1.5km Bush Track

Snorkelling: Yes

Surfing: No


An awesome beach for snorkelling and a calm beach to swim at. Perfect for those times in summer where you want a quiet beach to escape to.


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TIP: There is not much shade on the beach so be sure to pack an umbrella unless of course you want to look like a morph between Kim Kardashian and a racoon on a hot day… if you know, you know.


Bullimah Beach

Location: Hardy’s Bay/ Putty Beach Campground

Access: Paved Walking Track from Putty Beach

Snorkelling: Yes

Surfing: No

Keep walking along the board walk at Putty Beach and you will find yourself at Bullimah. A great swimming spot for all! Some of the most crystal clear water on the coast this is a must do beach.



Tip:  Be sure to go on a day when the swell is low as it can get quite choppy on windy days.


Birdie Beach

Location: Budgewoi Peninsula

Access: Birdie Beach Car Park

Snorkelling: No

Surfing: Yes

Up the top of the coast you will find Birdie Beach. You know the saying ‘suns out buns out’ — well the locals here at Birdie take this saying very seriously with the top section of the beach being completely nudist. However if for some unknown reason that is not your forte you can swim with full coverage at the other end of the beach.


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Tip: If you forget your cozzies this is the beach for you!


Caves Beach

Location: Wallarah National Park

Access: Caves Beach Car Park

Snorkelling: No

Surfing: Yes

Caves Beach is well known for it’s, you guessed it, caves. At the south end of the beach there is a network of sea caves which can be explored at low tide. The beach is also a great swim and surf location too.


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Tip: Bring lunch money as the Caves Beach Resort Restaurant is a great stop for lunch.


Spoon Bay

Location: Between Wamberal and Forrester’s Beach

Access: Parking at end of Spoon Bay Rd and 500m Walking Track

Snorkelling: Yes

Surfing: Yes

Spoon Bay is located within the Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve and the calm bay is ideal for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing beach walks.


Tip: Bring shoes for the walk down as the sand can get very hot in summer!


Soldiers Beach

Location: Norah Head

Access: Soldiers Beach Carpark

Snorkelling: No

Surfing: Yes

A great surf spot for the summer. This beach is also patrolled during the summer so great for families wanting a day at the beach.


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Tip: Bring a boogie board as it is highly recommended here!


Lobster Beach

Location: Wagstaffe/ Pretty Beach

Access: 500m walking Track access via Highview Rd

Snorkelling: Yes

Surfing: No


A little hike from Highview Road. But well worth it for the gorgeous beach overlooking Broken Bay which includes Pearl Beach. A great family beach as it is almost always calm.


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Tip: Bring inflatables to relax on in the water as it’s so calm here

Meg & Dom

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