Antibacterial wipes, La Prairie and a little Toni Braxton as the soundtrack, here’s what iconic Australian couturier — and now perfumer— Steven Khalil can’t live without while on the road.

When it comes to escaping the rush of work I can’t go past…

Byron Bay. I just love the beaches up there. Byron is all about complete relaxation to the point where I feel like a hippy when I’m there sometimes. It’s just about that real natural no fuss kind of a lifestyle.

Overseas I love Beirut, Italy and London – I always choose my destinations based on what I’m craving at the time.

For instance, Italy for when I want a little luxury. It’s also got great shopping, beautiful food, incredible architecture and the history always inspires my work as well.

I feel like when I’m in Beirut I understand my heritage a lot more — myself, my parents and my family — so it’s good to go to when I need a little grounding.

Some of the most memorable meals I’ve had have been in…

New York. I love Lebanese food so when I went to New York I was really surprised when I stumbled across Ilili. The food reminded me of my mother’s cooking so whenever I go to NY I go straight there.

In Italy I love discovering those hidden away restaurants that the locals go to with the Italian mama cooking out the back. There it’s more about discovery rather than go back to the same places so every time it’s something new.

The one hotel that always stays in my mind…

Is the Bellevue Syrene in Sorrento. It’s set on the clifftop and I remember a partner and I booking that accommodation after we stumbled across their website by chance.

It holds a really special memory for me and we both completely loved it.

For me the memory is all tied up with that whole relationship and also the romance of the hotel. It’s the kind of place that if you sit on your balcony you feel like you are literally on a cliff.

It was a magical time.

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With the new fragrance (available here) I gained most of the inspiration here at home…

But Europe always plays a big part in designing collections.

I love the style of the Lake Como weddings, set in beautiful country, and French countryside weddings are always a big influence too.

Lebanon is an influence for the big grander scale of gown with lots of details and over the top dresses.

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My travel uniform consists of…

Jeans, T-shirts and suits but I always take a change of clothes on the plane. For that I’ll choose an outfit I think is suitable for that country so I can get off the plane fresh and ready to go.

I’m not a packer, I tend to overpack, because I want the variety I have at home. Shoes are a big thing for me so I’m always squeezing more pairs of shoes and clothing in just because I love to have that variety from my home wardrobe.

My biggest fear when travelling is…

That something would go wrong at home and I can’t be there for it or fix it. I’m 24 hours away, millions of miles away and if anything happens I’ve got to be home quickly, so I always keep my passport in the safe at the hotel.

When it comes to flying I’m…

Really hygiene conscious. I always wipe down my seat, screen anything that I’ll be touching with antibacterial wipes.

I got on a plane once and sat next to a woman who did it — now I always do too.

I always carry a Chanel hydrating moisturiser too.



I just take my phone, I don’t like too much technology with me. Just my phone and a charger that’s it.


I have a beautiful Goyard travel wallet which I always take with me.


Rationale and La Prairie are my main ones.

Books, movies or magazines?

I love watching movies when I’m flying and catch up on everything I haven’t seen. I’m usually so busy at home I don’t get time to go to see what’s on.


Toni Braxton. I’m big into old school R&B.


Meg & Dom

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