Words: Meghan Loneragan // Photography: Dominic Loneragan (assisted by Declan Blackall)

‘Olympia’ Sunglasses from Country Road // ‘Bonnie Belle Sleeve’ top from Posse.

So you’d think we’d choose a better time to add Citizens Style than at the 9-month pregnant mark but here we are, welcome to our first post and possibly the last time we’ll be shooting before our Little Citizen arrives.

I’d kept a bit of a lid on our pregnancy up until about the 7th or 8th month. It was initially a big change and process to think about what kind of life we’d like to build and how we would work on COTW while having a family (because we travel a LOT).

The conclusion we came to was that we hoped that we wouldn’t have to change too much and that we’d just slow down a little bit and ease up on the adventure travel, at least for a few months.

‘Olympia’ Sunglasses from Country Road // ‘Bonnie Belle Sleeve’ top from Posse.

I’ve had the same approach with my style the whole pregnancy. I wanted to still feel like ‘me’ even while adjusting for the larger sizes.

So I’ve mostly steered away from traditional maternity wear and instead amassed a bit of a collection of ultra-forgiving medium and larger sizes from my favourite labels.

Also… a LOT of coats have been worn.

Here’s to meeting our little guy for the first time and thanks for sticking with us as we embark on this new adventure.

x Meg (& Dom)


Meg & Dom

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