Influencer, stylist, blogger, TV host, businesswoman, artist, fashion icon; there’s a multitude of ways you could introduce Tash Sefton.

The Tash most know is as half of Aussie power-blog ‘theyallhateus’ (which she runs with her business partner and friend Elle Ferguson), taking the site from simply serving up daily doses of style inspiration to starting an online store and even spawning a TV show.

To interior design mavens she’s half of Sefton Segedin, a painting collection founded with her sister Hayley. And to her 250+ thousand Instagram followers, she’s Tash, sartorial superwoman and managing to be a mum at the same time.

But, like all creatives, she’s constantly evolving and shirks the industry’s need to box her into a category.

Her latest venture ‘Where Did Your Style Go?’ is probably the most distilled version you’ll ever find; a one-stop Sefton style HQ where those needing a little help can turn to for tips, tricks, advice and even personal wardrobe makeovers.

Born from the seemingly endless enquiries from fans looking to replicate her signature denim and luxe look, ‘Where Did Your Style Go?’ is also a bit of a call to arms for anyone who has felt left out of ‘fashion’ as they’ve gotten older.

So it’s safe to say she’s ‘busy’. Here’s why she wouldn’t have it any other way…


We started ‘theyallhateus‘ over 10 years ago so have seen the entire world change with social media and websites anyone could create about any subject, which was incredible.

For me though, recently I am finding my love of social has evolved. What started out as a place of inspiration and behind the scenes of peoples lives has become very scripted.

I personally want my audience to engage with me rather than seeing an edited version of my life. So in a way I have gone back to where I began as I believe my followers want that from me.



I started Sefton Segedin actually by accident. We moved to a new home with very high ceilings and my children were very scared in their new surroundings. Hayley (my sister) and I have always painted and draw for fun so decided to do some paintings to fill the walls.

When people saw our work in the background of my photos, began to ask where they were from. So we started selling them. We started of with large canvas but had so much interest from overseas, decided to do smaller drawings on paper as it meant we could ship them. I have had to make a few work changes this year because the art business has really blown up.

Hayley and I both work full time so have had to create specific time to work on our art. We are sending our work all over the world and as every piece is created to order so it is very busy.

We work at night and on the weekends and really whenever we have free time. We also love creating new work as our clients love to add to their collections.

However as get asked often to do really large scale commissions (we have painted the side of a house, filled corporate offices foyers etc etc) – we need to do them on canvas for the size. We also created a ceramics collection which was a huge learning for us, but the end result was pretty amazing.

We sold out instantly and have just created our third batch.


I am like everyone and have major meltdowns and think ‘oh my god it’s too much’. I would much prefer to be lying on a beach doing nothing. And then 5 minutes later I am fine. It’s just me.

I like to juggle a lot and think I am good at it. I am never not working or doing something. I have so many ideas and my brain is wired to see opportunities I think.



I started ‘Where Did Your Style Go?’ because I was giving away all my knowledge but had no way to structure it.

I knew I could make a big impact to people’s lives with simple changes but I have been completely overwhelmed with the response.

I thought it would be a side project but its now taken over my world.

My website traffic blows my mind with people seeking free advice and I am meeting new clients daily. I have so much information to give so now have a place I can share it . Stay tuned… I am working on a few big things.


When I meet a client I sit with them for about 45 minutes learning about them. Their personality and lifestyle is the key to understanding their style needs.

Then I go to their wardrobe and the truth comes out. I never put my style onto them. It’s all about them and making them learn the process so when I am not with them they have confidence to dress.

But I do have a few key pieces that I think everyone should have in their collection.



Head down, forget the noise, family first.

Meg & Dom

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