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If the header of this story appears overly long it’s testament to the work ethics of Samantha and Sam (or just Sam and Sam); two people who are supremely gifted at the art of enterprise AND making it look good in the process.

Honestly, we couldn’t fit all their combined projects into the header of this post.

If the best business advice is to surround oneself with comparably driven people, then these two are exhibit A. By partnering up they kind of formed the equivalent of the Super Mario Brothers Star power up (that is to say, they’ll go far in a very short time).

Samantha heads up Fashion Marketing Projects at Vittoria Coffee (you’ll recognise the highly coveted fashion cups designed by ELLERY and WE ARE HANDSOME). Sam is co-founder of Batlow Cider, surf label The Critical Slide Society, Will & Co coffee – amongst other projects.

Between them they either run, collaborate and advise on over 4 thriving businesses (their own and other peoples), so you’d expect them to look more worn out than Jordan Belfort after a Quaalude binge.

Rather, these two seem invigorated by it all, emanating the kind of good vibes that can only really come from working on projects are fueled by passion.

We’ve had this shoot in the process for over a year but constantly shifting schedules – and the new addition of they very cute and sartorially blessed Ziggy *seen in the gold pants* – meant that we had to hold off.

So you’re officially looking at one of the most anticipated interiors stories in COTW history.

We think you’ll agree that it’s worth it. We’ve always said that our favourite places to photograph are the ones that are strong on heart and not necessarily the most architecturally OTT.

It’s all about highly prized artifacts, quirky finds and combined art collections that crisscross between each partners taste. These are houses filled with L.O.V.E and they are the best to shoot. Sam and Sam have a great deal of that.

SAMANTHA: “Halfway through my pregnancy, we found this place and bought it – it was the 3rd place we looked at and I had to conveniently not mention my pregnancy to the banks! We were actually lucky that I didn’t show until quite late in my pregnancy.”

“The beautifully maintained art deco ceilings are a definite highlight, we just love them so much.”

“Sam has been threatening ever since we moved in to extend our bathroom into the internal laundry & then put in French doors in the kitchen. But that means he’ll need to convert the outdoor storage room into a laundry & will lose his man cave…so I’m not sure that it will ever actually happen!”

SAMANTHA: “I really believe that brands need to stand for something and mean something to people, so I think the most important thing is to be authentic in what your business is all about, irrespective of whether you’re a multi-million dollar global brand or a start up business.”

“If you know who you are as a brand, you’ll communicate a clear & consistent message to the market and people really respond to that. Then once you know what you’re all about, stay true to that but don’t be afraid to evolve how you communicate that message.

Its one thing to be consistent, but its also easy to become lazy & safe doing what you’ve always done & that is usually the kiss of death. There’s always some hot, young thing snapping at your heels!”

SAMANTHA: “When it comes to juggling everything, there’s no secret to doing it all. I think just being as organized as you possibly can be helps a lot.

Luckily I love planning ahead, so that makes things just that little bit easier to juggle everything.

Sam is actually the one to be impressed with across the 4 different business that he’s in either an owner or director in. People ask me all the time how he does it & I think he’s pretty amazing for just getting through each day!”

SAMANTHA: “I definitely don’t feel very stylish, especially when Ziggy is climbing all over me with food in his hands!

But I just try to make time to get dressed properly every day, even if that means waking up earlier to wash my hair…that actually becomes a luxury once you have a baby.

And I’m still as obsessed with clothes & accessories as I always was, so thankfully having a baby hasn’t dulled that passion.”


1. “Surrounding yourself with good people who inspire, motivate & support you is the best thing you can do for your soul.

Who you spend your time with is a reflection on who you are as a person, so make sure they are who you want to be.”

2. “Kids will change your life…In. Every. Possible. Way. Its all great and you’ll never wish you didn’t have them. But God you’ll miss being totally selfish & utterly irresponsible.”

3. “Beauty really is in the imperfection. Perfection might be appealing, but it’s the asymmetry that’ll really get you.”

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Meg & Dom

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