It’s not often we get fed when we photograph our Citizens.

Generally we all get chatting and things can run a bit over time and we’re all starving by the end.

Not the case when we captured TV cook and Masterchef  alum Justine Schofield in action at home.

In fact, there was something very warm Italian nonna in her enthusiasm for plating up a pasta – her veal Osso Bucco Ragu no less.

Turning ordinary snacks into sophisticated feasts just goes territory on Justine’s show Everyday Gourmet (Channel 10) but it also turns out that it’s also a great way to get get the conversation flowing.

Here, she spills the things she’s learned since changing her entire life for the food industry and what advice she’d give to current Masterchef contestants.

“Since making food my career, I’ve come to truly appreciate the incredibly hard work that chefs put into everything they do.

Looking from the outside in, you never truly see the sheer amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes in a kitchen. Which is what is so brilliant about it. The art of making it all look effortless.

As a chef, you only get one dish to show and perfect. It’s your one chance to make a great first impression. Thriving in that kind of pressure is incredible.”

“If I was to give any tips to the current contestants on Masterchef, I’d probably start with ‘go with your gut feeling’. It’s generally always right and in the end it’s always best to cook what you love. Passion will shine through.

And try not to over complicate the dish. I did it too when I was on the show. Under the spotlight it can be easy to get nervous and think you need to add more and more but some restraint can work to your advantage.”

“In terms of food trends, I have a hunch that Indian is going to be all the rage soon. It’s been something that’s been overlooked the past few years but there are a lot of non-spicy aromatic flavours that are just dying to be utilised.

To be honest, I’m getting a little bit sick of the burger phase. Of course, I love them but i think there’s just so many gourmet burger joints opening up at the moment. Time for something new.

Also, Mexican has had it’s time. I’d say it’s actually almost out the door. Again, love burritos but we’ve all been there, done that.”

“If my life was a cookbook what would it be called? You know, I’m writing my book now and that’s the one thing I’m stuck on.

I think the reason I’m stuck on the name is that my cooking is generally French but my show is ‘Everyday Gourmet’ and I truly think that sums me up a lot.

But it’s the name of the show so… if you can think of a name for me then please let me know! I might end up even asking my followers for their help.”

What are 5 things you’ve learned and know to be true?
1. Be confident.

2. Trust your instincts.

3. Be kind.

4. A smile goes a long way.

5. Hard work pays off too.

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