Something so Swedish, so sweet, and hopefully so affordable is coming.

What happens when the two of the most creative companies put their heads together?

Well in the case of IKEA and fragrance house Byredo it hopefully means a range of gorgeous scented candles at affordable price point.

Recently IKEA hosted Democratic Design Days for the first time in Australia, taking Sydney-siders deep behind the scenes at the Swedish furniture store. The retailer is harnessing some heavy-duty design talent, including the olfactory talents of Byredo founder Ben Gorham.

Guests at Democratic Design Days got to smell the first prototype scents from the new collection, set to be called ONSYNLIG.

While details of the final product line-up is still top secret, there’ve been hints that IKEA’s signature cinnamon buns may inspire one of the home fragrances.

However, Gorham isn’t spilling the beans.

“I feel people just don’t reflect enough when it comes to scent, but smell is a very relevant part of our life and also the home. To collaborate on this idea of ‘invisible design’ with Ikea, getting people to think about smell is very exciting,” says Gorham.

“I enjoy their openness to new ideas and the experimental nature of what we’re doing.”

So we guess that’s code for you’re completely off the scent? Perhaps meatballs will be crowned the aroma of the moment?

A launch date is yet to be announced, but something tells us this home fragrance line is set to fly off the shelves. In which case, we’ll advise you to keep your cursor hovering close to ‘Add to Cart’.

Find out more about the IKEA Democratic Design Days in Sydney (27-29th August 2018) here.


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