Everyone makes a thing about New Years Eve but for us Christmas is the biggest celebration of the year.

Sure, it can be complex, layered and uncompromising.

There’s endless pressure to perform but after all the presents have been wrapped, cooking done and eaten and it’s just us around a table with friend and family reminiscing about the last 12 months — there is literally nothing better.

But that’s exactly what makes it so special. And for us it’s a brilliant excuse to crack open the bottles of wine we’ve been storing all year.

The ones too good for end-of-week quaffing and more about sitting, savouring and communing over with ones we love.

We’ve been enjoying St Hugo wines on Christmas Day ever since we graduated to bonafide adulthood and started hosting our own Christmas lunches.

It’s a natural fit for us because they’re wines that are approachable enough to open up but impress with power and elegance. Basically exactly what you want when you need to impress the rellies at little bit…


Here are a few of our favourite St Hugo wines for Christmas Day:


St Hugo Vetus Purum 2010 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon
Alright. This isn’t something we’d serve to people. This is a very special drop we’ve gifted to approximately 2 people in our lives. Our parents. And this year, ourselves. It’s one of the smoothest reds we’ve ever enjoyed and should be sipped after a milestone of some sort. For our parents, that was after the sale of a successful business. For us? It’s after a mammoth year of successes and learnings. Because you have to celebrate life in all its forms. The good, the bad, and just being around to give it another crack in 2020.



St Hugo 2016 Barossa Shiraz
This is a wine we should probably keep in the cellar (or what we call our ‘cellar’, it’s a wine rack that taunts us daily with temptation). You could easily hold on to it for years and let it mature even further. But Christmas isn’t about maturity, it’s about indulgence and this mouthy little red is about as indulgent as you can get when serving lunch to people.



St Hugo Eden Valley Chardonnay
This one sits very close to our hearts. It’s what we served on the first Christmas we ever hosted as a couple. Which also happened to be the year Dom’s brother leaned over to us to say it was the “Best Christmas Ever!”

Not saying these two things are aligned.

…But they might be.



Brought to you by St Hugo Wines.

Meg & Dom

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