Much like emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming has always felt like one of the most thankless chores around.

It’s noisy, it’s often heavy, you’ve got to move things out of the way for it to work so you end up cleaning up the rest of the bedroom before you even get to begin suctioning the floor.

Before you know it you’re halfway to a completely tidy house when all you wanted to do was spend 5 minutes evicting the dust bunnies from beneath your bedside table.

Yes, you could call vacuuming the pyramid schemes of household chores.

The only good thing about it is that if you live with housemates and happen to be in a particularly martyr-ish mood, it’s an excellent way to passive-aggressively let everyone else in the house know that YOU’RE CLEANING HERE and they should immediately grab a paper towel and start awkwardly doing the surfaces.

Or maybe that was just our share-houses.

We know, we know, first world problems here. But go with us on this for a minute.

If you’re like us and detest whiling away your well-earned weekends in household chores, congrats you’re normal and welcome to the 90% percentile of humanity.

It is for this very reason why the Shark IF250 IONFlex vacuum is the hero that we all need, definitely not the one we deserve.

Here’s why…

1. It’s called a SHARK

There a million names we could come up with for a vacuum, as you can imagine they’re mostly synonyms for the word ‘suck’, which despite being honest on multiple levels, doesn’t exactly inspire surprise and delight.

This machine is clearly different. Right off the bat it commands your attention because it was named after a creature clearly invented during God’s angry Death Metal phase.

You don’t reach for the boring old vacuum on a Saturday morning, you reach for the motha-flippin’ SHARK.

For this reason we’re going to call it the Samuel L Jackson of cleaning products.

This is a machine that doesn’t just remove mess. It stalks it, smelling an errant cat hair or crumb from 400 yards, sneaks up when it least expects it, then destroys dirt by laying a can of Shaft-esque suction-powered justice on its ass, before suavely slipping on a Kangol hat and calling it all in day’s work.

Sure we kind of mixed metaphors there but we’re talking about sharks here and neither they nor Samuel L Jackson care for your rules.

We don’t know about you, friends, but that is exactly the kind of vacuum cleaner that appeals to our “‘live every day like it’s shark week” sensibilities.


2. Each unit contains more innovative tech than Elon Musk’s twitter feed (minus the hubris)

As everyone – especially LL Cool J – knows, you can’t just throw the word ‘shark’ into the mix willy nilly and expect greatness. Exhibit A below.

You’ve really got to have the chops to back it up because anything less would be an insult to 450 million years of evolution.

Much like their water-loving counterparts, the Shark IF250 doesn’t sleep. It waits.

This is thanks to its 2x ION Power Pack System, including 2 lithium ion batteries so you can always have one on charge while your stalking the floors like Jaws.

But by far the most exciting and, dare we say, coolest aspects of the Shark IF250 is its Multi-FLEX head.

For decades we’ve shunted sofas or bent over like chumps in order to access the often neglected fluff havens beneath furniture.

Well, to this the Shark says “NO MORE!”

In apex predator style, the IF250 head simply flexes flat for ultra-easy dust extracting vengeance.

And just when you thought you’d come to grips with the dirt-murdering efficiency of it all it even has a pair of lint-sleuthing headlights on the front. Trust us, this isn’t just for effect.

These are your Shark vacuum’s last line of offense against the floor-grime rebellion. Use them to spot all the long forgotten food floss that’s filtered down into a false sense of security beneath the couch.

I know it almost seems kinda harsh but…

3. It tucks away so neatly that the dog fur or your houseguests never have to see it coming

If you like your vacuums to evoke the stealth attack effectiveness of one of the world’s greatest hunters then hold on to your butts because you’re in luck. The Shark IF250 has been streamlined for maximum subtlety because much like the animal kingdom, being biggest doesn’t necessarily mean being the best.

Fold it down or slip it next to the fridge. Hide it behind the bookshelf ready to strike at any moment like an OCD ninja.

The Shark IF250’s cordless capabilities means you can instantly zoom it into a feeding frenzy at a moments notice.

No annoying cords, no heavy lifting, absolutely zero passive-aggressiveness here. This is REAL aggressiveness. It’s you cleaning in pure unadulterated dust busting badass-ness, any time, any place.

You could almost forget you’re vacuuming. Almost.


If you too would like have a motha-flippin’ Shark in your life then click here to learn more.

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Meg & Dom

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